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Transparent LED Screen Introduction

A new product transparent LED screen has been used in many fields, for instance, exterior and interior curtain wall, shopwindow, interior landscape design, skylight design, indoor and outdoor billboard design, etc. With continuous technical innovation, the transparent LED display could meet the requirements of the glass facade, window lighting structure and viewing angle. Besides, the LED transparent screen has good heat dissipation and easy installation and maintenance, which has broken the limitation of the conventional LED display to be applied on the glass curtain wall.

Here are 4 differences between the transparent LED screen and the conventional LED screen:

  1. Structure:  For the LED window display, it is made of aluminum profile and PC panel, beautiful shape. As it is with good daylighting, it doesn’t need additional cooling equipment. The weight of the transparent glass LED display is 50% lighter than that of the conventional type.
  2. Displaying effect:  With the features of transparency and vividness of transparent glass LED display, it is much more eye-catching compared with conventional LED screens.
  3. Installation:  It is easy to install a transparent LED display with the connection lock. And it could be installed indoor and facing outside because it is transparent. But for the conventional type, as it is with a little more complicated structure and it is much heavier, it needs steel structure to install, which needs to damage the wall if it would be wall installation.
  4. Particularity:  For the transparent LED screen, the protection grade is IP46 at the highest. And the smallest pixel pitch could be made to P2.8 because of its transparency. For conventional type, the highest protection grade could be made to IP68. And the small pixel pitch could be less than P1.

How could we do on the maintenance of a transparent LED screen? Here are some points which could be useful:

☛ Make sure that the LED screen is grounded properly. Don’t use the LED screen during bad weather, like thunder and lighting.

☛ Make sure some metal objects which are easily conducting couldn’t be put inside the LED panel, for instance, iron powder, or water. Heavy dust would be harmful to the circuit and not good for the displaying effect. So please make sure that the transparent LED screen needs to be used in the light-dust environment.

☛ Please cut off the power and contact with maintenance engineers if water goes inside the panel. Make sure to power it on again after the LED panel gets dried.

☛ Please use an air gun to clean if there is dust on the surface of the LED screen. This is also available during routine maintenance. Please DON’T use the rough cleaning cloth or dirty one to clean, in case that it would bring harm to the LED screen surface.

☛ If possible, please turn the LED screen off for more than 2 hours per day. During rainy days, make sure that the LED screen could operate at least one time per week. Generally, the LED screen needs to operate at least one time per month, and each time more than 2 hours.

☛ Make sure to regularly inspect the LED screen to see whether it could work, or the circuit is in good condition or not. If there is damage to the LED screen, please replace or maintain it in time.

☛ Please DON’T show all white, all red, all green colors during the operation, in case that the current is too big to damage the LED lamp or reduce the life span of it.

☛ Make sure that a professional engineer maintains. If not a professional expert, please don’t touch the LED screen.

If you would like to know more about the transparent LED screen, please contact us.

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