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Nowadays, you can find the application of LED lights everywhere. The main reason for this development is the cost-effectiveness and other benefits LED lights bring to the table. The sight of amazing lights illuminating at night with LED fixtures is becoming common these days. So, let us look at everything about LED landscape lights that one should be aware of.

1. What is LED landscape lighting?
2. How to install LED landscape lighting?
3. How to replace LED landscape lights? 
4. How many watts are LED landscape lights?
5. What is the best LED landscape lighting?
6. LED landscape lighting brands
7. LED landscape lighting manufacturers
8. LED landscape lighting vs. halogen
9. Types LED landscape Lights
10. Frequently Asked Questions

What is LED landscape lighting?

The usage of LED lights is everywhere, and we can see its application in landscape lightings too. However, let us start from the beginning. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, and they emit light when they are activated. The LED lights provide numerous advantages, so we are witnessing LED lighting in all lighting fixtures.

Now, LED lights are being used to illuminate the outdoor spaces, and private, and public gardens look amazing at night. The use of LED landscape lights used for many purposes such as security, nighttime aesthetics, accessibility, sports, and recreation.


How to install LED landscape lighting?

LED line lighting is an advanced project and needs an electrical permit from your local building department. And since it is a complicated process, it is ideal if you install with professionals’ help. However, one can install LED landscaping lights with the below steps.

  • If you are proceeding with installing on your own, first contact the local building department and obtain all necessary permissions.
  •  Select the light switches to operate lights and locate fixtures.
  • Measure the distance between the circuit breaker box to switch location and fixture location to the place where you intended to place the switch box. This will help you in providing an idea about wire requirements.
  • The wire type selection depends on your area selection, and UF cables are required if you need to bury them. Mostly you require to run the wire inside the conduit that is buried under the ground. In that case, you need separate conductors.
  • Always get at least 30% extra cables; it will help you complete the installation without any issues.
  • Then install your switch box between two studs in the wall above 60 inches up.
  • Then install LED fixtures, electrical and Underground Feeder (UF) cables.
  • Switch off the main circuit breaker in the electrical panel.
  • Wire the fixtures as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer and wire the light switch.
  • After that, connect the cable to the GFCI circuit breaker.
  • Finally, test your fixtures and carefully inspect them.


How to replace LED landscape lights?

Replacing the LED landscape lights is more important because LED lights can burn out quicker than expected if you follow the wrong method. Hence, the below steps need to be followed to provide long life to LED bulbs.

  • First, turnoff off your LED landscape light’s power supply and wait a couple of minutes if they were in use for long hours.
  • Unscrew the fasteners that are holding the frame and keep them aside.
  • Use a pair of thin plastic or cotton gloves and remove the burnout bulb gently.
  • Take your new bulb and put it inside the socket and push down gently till you hear a click or snap sound confirming its fitting.
  • Now screw the frame.


How many watts are LED landscape lights?

You first need to determine the number of lights you will use for the project and power usage per light. This is important because the power source must be capable of providing the overall wattage draw. Once it is determined, to ensure a smooth power supply, ensure that all your light strip wattage’s total wattage is at least 20% less than the main power supply’s rated wattage. The easiest way to calculate this is by multiplying the total wattage into 1.2. For example, if you have 5 four watts LED lights, it becomes a total of 20 watts. So, multiple 20x 1.2. The watts are required or 25  or higher.

Finding the watts of your LED landscape lights is an easy task. Just multiply the watt per light into overall lighting fixtures. For example, if you have 10 four watts lights, your landscape lights’ overall watts are 40 watts.

120 volt LED landscape lighting.

Whenever the area is more, and there is no other power supply mode, the high volt landscape lightings are needed. You can find this lighting type in most of the backyards, gardens, and other large spaces. The 1230 volt LED landscape lights to come with a high minimum of 5000-kelvin output and provides light for a larger area. For example, if you have 30 feet and need to illuminate it with bright light, you will need just two 120 volts of LED landscape lights.


What is the best LED landscape lighting?

There are several LED landscape lighting options available in the market. However, you can find only a handful of reliable and best brands. Whatever the brands you select, you must take into consideration of the below four things.

  • The material used must be of top quality to ensure durability. The materials such as recycled aluminum and plastic won’t provide a good life. So look for stainless aluminum, solid brass, or stainless steel used lights.
  • It should have multiple beam angles, high-efficiency optics, full definition, no hot spots or color separation, and sharp edges to get excellent performance.
  • Nowadays, lights are also used to increase the aesthetic beauty of homes and other places. Hence look for the design that suits your preference.
  • Cool features such as water and weather resistance and others are required.


LED landscape lighting brands

When buying your landscape lighting, going with a reliable brand makes your life easier. They provide many features and long-lasting shelf life. Of course, you need to pay a bit more than the cheap LED landscape lights that burn out or stop working after a few months. The brands such as Wayframe, Halco, Philips, Morris, Syska are a few reliable brands that providing quality products for customers worldwide in the recent few years. One important thing to consider is, even though you get LED landscape lights made by a reliable brand, there will be chances of getting counterpart products. That is the reason you must find a reliable place to purchase LED lights. The below are the top sources to get your LED landscape lights.

LED landscape lighting amazon

Amazon is one of the giants when it comes to the e-commerce business. Since it is a big company, you can trust the products being sold there. Here only reputed and good quality providing seller sell the products. In Amazon, you can find numerous choices when it comes to buying LED landscape lights. The varieties will be in terms of brands, wattages, prices, designs, and more. The biggest advantage of buying from this source is, it provides easy return and replacement service. So, even by mistake, if you get a bad quality product, you can return or ask for a refund.

LED landscape lighting eBay

eBay is another big name in the e-commerce sector. It is also one of the oldest e-commerce business company. On eBay, you can get a variety of LED lights from top brands to low-priced brands. You can also get the LED landscape lights made from different materials and LED lights with different features. The user interface is also intuitive, and hence you can easily find the product you want and purchase. When it comes to returning and getting a refund, eBay also provides quality services. Hence, you no need to worry about wasting your hard-earned money.

LED landscape lighting at Home Depot

In the USA, Canada, and Mexico, Home Depot is one of the most reliable sources to buy all types of products. It contains a wide range of products and different brands. Hence, without a doubt, you can find the LED landscaping lights in the Home Depot. They sell LED landscaping lights for pools, homes, trees, commercial places, etc. The selection of the desired product is easy since it comes with numerous sorting and filtering options. At Home Depot, you can also get the easy return, replace, or refund options on the eligible orders.

LED landscape lighting Costco

Costco is one of the largest wholesalers in the world. It is an American operator and provides the products at a highly discounted price. Its stores are commonly known as warehouse clubs and wholesale clubs. Here wholesale quantities of products are available at lower prices than other stores. If you get the club membership, you can get the advantage of getting a huge discount. These stores are also housing for a wide variety of LED landscaping lights. Here you can find the top brands and brands that provide LED lights at a very cheap rate.


LED landscape lighting manufacturers

The longevity and the great performance of a product are mainly dependent on the manufacturer. Suppose a manufacturer uses high-quality material and provides different types of cool features; the customers will receive them with glee. If you are looking for one such manufacturer, it is Wayfair.

Wayfair landscape lighting

Wayfair lighting is one of the top brands when it comes to LED lighting. They provide lighting options for every lighting need of a family or business. It includes ceiling lights, outdoor lights, fan lights, fence lights, landscape lights, and many more. So, if you are looking to get landscape lighting from Wayfair, you get great choices to choose from. They have both wired and wireless lights, battery-powered and solar-powered lights, motion sensor lights, and many more.


LED landscape lighting vs. halogen

If you plan to install lights in your garden or other places and in a dilemma about choosing the type of lights, it is no brainer in choosing LED lights. Yes, it would cost more than halogen in the installation process, but you can save a considerable amount of money and effort in the long run. So, let us look at why.

Energy Efficiency

The significant difference between these two lights lies in energy efficiency. Even though both produce almost the same type of lights, LED lights to last longer than halogen because LED landscape lights use 80 to 85% less energy than halogen. Hence, you can get qt least 10 to 12 years of usage time, where halogen lights provide just 1 to 2 years of life. These lights also produce less heat. Hence, you can save money in terms of the electric bill and pay for purchasing new bulbs.

Customizing of light effects

Halogen was preferred over LED lights until the last few years because LEDs are used to produce harsher and brighter lights. This is where people used to complain since it was unable to give a warm and peaceful feeling. But things have significantly changed now, and we are getting more advanced chipset in LED lights, and consequently, they not only overcome those issues but also outperform halogens. Now, with LEDs, you can focus on a particular part, and hence highlighting the things you want to highlight becomes easy with LEDs.

Maintenance cost

The long durability of LED landscaping lights is a major advantage that is also causing the low Maintenance cost. Since LED lights illuminate for more hours than halogen (1-2 years vs. over 10 years), the need for replacing the bulbs won’t become a normal work. You are just required to replace once in 10 years or so. And the other advantage is, usually, LED landscaping lights installed on the trees and hard to reach areas. Hence, you no need to climb a tree or tall places and make circus every time. Along with saving your time and effort, LED lights also come with an extended warranty than halogen.

Types LED landscape Lights

LED landscape lighting for trees

LED landscape lights are used for trees, and they make look your garden, or other premises look outstanding. These lights are coming with an IP66 waterproof certificate, and they illuminate even in heavy rainy conditions. The LED landscaping light for trees also comes with different color combinations, and you can control it using remote controls. The greatest advantage of using LED lights for trees rather than halogen is, it provides more longer duration. As a result, you no need to replace them for many years. In halogen lights, you need to climb the tree and replace the bulbs more often.

Pool landscape lighting

LED lights can also be found inside the pools to increase the aesthetic beauty of your pool. In the evening or night, you can enjoy the cool and peaceful atmosphere to relax. The LED lights for pools are ideal since they come with complete waterproof features and arrive in different shapes and sizes. The color-changing lights give an eye-pleasing feeling.

Commercial landscape lighting

The LED landscape lights are most commonly used in commercial places. They increase the beauty of commercial premises, offices, hotels, and other buildings. The remote-controlled and color-changing fixtures provide a pleasant feeling and welcome the visitors. They come with the features of highlighting some specific parts, and as a result, you can highlight the things you want to showcase.

Home landscape lighting

After tiresome days of work, spending time in the garden is the favorite thing for many people. It provides much-needed relief and if you want to add some more cool features, buying home landscaping LED bulbs are the right choice.

Landscape stair lighting

LED landscaping lights are also used in the staircases to provide more visibility while walking on the stairs. They also make staircases look beautiful, and for the same reason, you can find them in many commercial places.

LED landscape floodlights

Playing during evening and night is great fun, but you need reliable light sources to make it more pleasing. And LED landscape lights are the perfect choice for you. You can get bright lights to illuminate the entire area and make your playtime more fun.

Brass outdoor landscape lighting

The performance and longevity of LED lights depend on the quality of materials used. Brass material is used in most of the premium quality LED landscaping lightings. Brass LED fixtures are the ideal choice if you are planning to install lights in coastal areas. However, if your budget is less, you cannot be able to buy these fixtures. Brass metal is rust free and can be used for many years without any issues.

Bronze outdoor landscape lighting

If you are looking for a better alternative for brass outdoor landscaping lights, bronze landscaping lights are the best choice. The LED landscaping lights made with bronze metal also provide long durability, and it can be used in all weather conditions. Since it contains less iron, the chance of getting rust doesn’t occur. Hence either you can see bronze or brass metal in the premium quality LED landscaping lights.

Colored LED landscape lighting

As we already saw, LED lights saw major changes in recent years. Before, we used to get single color bulbs, and to get different colors; one has to get different bulbs. But now, you can get different colors in a single bulb. If you buy a bulb that can produce different colors, you can get different colors and make your garden look more beautiful and eye-catchy.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do LED landscape lights last?

One of the main reasons people switch from traditional halogen and other types of lights to LED is its longevity. LED lights provide a life of 25,000 hours on average. Sometimes the lights can last up to 50,000 hours. That means if you use the lights 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it will last over three years!

How do LED landscape lights work?

The Light Emitting Diodes are gaining popularity with each passing day and replacing all other traditional lights. But how LED landscaping lights work? Once LED lights fixtures allow electrical flow through its structure, the magic happens. LEDs allow only one-directional electricity flow. Once the electrons go through LED components in this direction, the entire assembly begins to emit lights if LED landscaping lights produce any heat, funnels away from its structure to the nearby sink (a heat storage component in LED fixtures).

Why are my LED landscape lights blinking?

The common issue people notice in the LED landscape lighting is the problem of flickering. However, these blinking types are very less in recent days of LED lights and far less than fluorescents. But in few cases, we can see flickering issues. The most common reason for this problem is a loose connection. Hence check your current setup and identify the issue. Check lamps, driver, wires, and tombstones for loose or bad connections. Generally, the blinking problem is caused by the loose connection with the LED landscape light circuit.

How many LED landscape lights per transformer?

The answer to this question is always tricky. The reason is it depends on various factors of your LED light fixtures. Those factors include the number of LED lights you are using and the watt of each light. For example, if you connect eight landscape LED lights to a transformer, with a 20 wattage capacity of each light, you will require a 160-watt transformer. If you are running 4 watts lights, you can safely use 40 lights on a single transformer. Actually, you can use up to 50 lights of 4 watts each.

How to remove the bulb from LED landscape lighting?

The removal of burn out or malfunctioning lights arises once in a while. To safely remove the bulbs out of its socket, you need to take some precautions and need equipment such as gloves. The first thing to follow is safety. Hence, turn off the power supply to the LED landscape. If the lights were used for long hours, wait for a couple of minutes since long usage might cause a low heat. Next, unscrew the fasteners holding the frame and keep aside the screws. Since screws are tiny in size, make sure to keep them in a safe place. Then use a cotton or plastic glove and gently push down and turn to remove the bulb. Once the bulb is removed, replace it, fasten the screws, and turn on the power supply.

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