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In the present scenario, we have to do everything we can to save our planet. We know that frequent and inconsistent carbon emission is taking our planet towards a catastrophic consequence. That is why we have to step up and reduce the use of such energy from carbon. So, to light up our houses, we can use solar led lights. Now, you might be thinking about why you should start using solar led lights. Yes, there are advantages for you. But, let’s focus on the benefits that we will get as a community.

1. What are Solar Led Lights?
2. Led Lights Vs. Solar-powered
3. How Does Solar Led Lights Work? 
4. How to Convert Solar Led Lights to Low Voltage?
5. How to Fix Solar Led Lights?
6. How Long Do Solar Led Lights Last?
7. How to Choose Led Solar Lights
8. How to Charge Solar Led Lights
9. Where to Buy Led Solar Lights?
10. The Bottom Line

If you want to survive and leave and place where your future generation could thrive, you need to act quickly. It will help if you become reliant on renewable energy. You cannot keep using the source of energy that is causing harm to our planet. Unless you understand this importance, this endeavor of saving the earth will remain a far cry. You are smart people, and you will appreciate it if someone takes time to comprehend the situation and tell you everything about solar led lights. In this article, we will take the onus and tell you about the things you should know about solar led lights.


What are Solar Led Lights?

You all know the efficiency of LED lights when it comes to saving energy. Most of you are now using LED lights at your house because you know how beneficial they are. These LED lights not only last very long, but they are also saving you a large amount of money.

Now, you already know the benefits you can have by using LED lights. You also learn about the advantages of using solar energy and how energy efficient it is. So, what will happen if you combine them? Won’t it be a fantastic combination?

You can use solar led lights for the garden and enhance the entire setting of the place. Many people are now also using solar led lights for decking, which is also an excellent idea. People now comprehend the importance of using solar led lights.

That is why they are now shying away from using solar led lights for the shed as well. Apart from that, many people are also trying to use solar-led lights for outdoor applications, which reduces their energy bills, which is a terrific thing, of course.

However, if you use solar led lights for your home, you will take the interior section of your house to a whole new level. You can install some solar-led lights for bottles just around the bar, which will enlighten the area sublimely, making it look gorgeous as ever.

Also, you have solar led lights for the driveway that can make your patio look better than the rest of your locality. Look, it is all about smart choices, and we have to say solar led lights for patio umbrellas are one of those choices. Yes, solar led lights can transform the look of your house.


Led Lights Vs. Solar-powered

Now, before you jump off and look to install solar led lights, you need to know whether conventional led lights will be better for you or the solar-powered ones. To compare both types of lights, we need to compare them on various parameters. Only then will you know which kind of lighting system you should install. So, here is a brief comparison between regular LED lights and those which are solar-powered.

Starting Investment

The investment that you have to make to install regular LED lights is very low. You will not have to spend a large amount of money on that. But, to install solar-powered LEDs, you will have to bear a large amount of cost. While installing solar-powered LEDs, you have to install solar panels and batteries as well as LED lamps. That is why the price is much higher.

Environmental Aspect

From the perspective of the environment, it is fair to say that buying regular LEDs is not a good option. These lights cause pollution and aggravate carbon dioxide emissions, which is very harmful to this planet. On the other hand, solar-powered LEDs are good for the environment as they cause no pollution. Also, they don’t emit carbon dioxide, which is also a great thing. So, from the aspect of the environment, you should look to install solar-powered LEDs to help sustain the environment.

Maintenance and Running Cost

As you know, the cost of electricity is rising each year. So, the cost of running regular LEDs will increase with time as the resources for electricity are getting scarce. Meanwhile, the running and maintenance cost of solar-powered LEDs are meager. It will create electricity through sunlight, which is free. So, the cost of running solar-powered LEDs is negligible.

The Safety Parameter

The risk associated with regular LEDs is immense. To make standard LEDs work, you will need to install wires. If there is any short-circuit by any chance, it can wreak havoc in your house. But, for solar-powered LEDs, you don’t need any wire. Therefore, the risk is next to none. So, in the safety parameter, the solar-powered LEDs should get your nod as well.

As you can see, though the starting investment is high for solar LEDs, solar-powered LEDs are more beneficial in the longer run. Here are some advantages of solar-powered LEDs to prove this point;

  • You don’t have to pay for sunlight and thus, apart from the initial cost you will bear, you will not have to worry about any monthly electricity costs.
  • These solar-powered LEDs are environment-friendly, and as a result, you will do your duty towards saving the planet by installing them.
  • As there will be no wire involved with solar-powered LEDs, you and your family members will not have any threats from electrical issues.
  • The cost of the maintenance of solar-powered LEDs is meager, and also, maintaining these LEDs will not be a headache that you might get while keeping regular lights.


How Does Solar Led Lights Work?

The workings of solar led lights are very simple. First of all, solar led lights have cells or batteries that charge with sunlight. So, during the day, these cells get charged. Now, once the sun sets, these cells stop producing energy from the sunlight.

Now, there is another element called photoresistor in the solar led light system. Its function mainly revolves around the detection of sunlight. At night, the photoresistor fails to detect daylight, and so, the battery of the solar led light gets turned on.

Do Solar Led Lights Need Direct Sunlight

Solar led lights need sunlight to charge their battery, or else it wouldn’t work. The mechanism is straightforward. However, it would help if you had direct sunlight for solar led lights to get charged. Otherwise, it may not work. You need to charge its batteries for about 8 hours in a day.

If you have installed the solar led lights in an area where the sunlight is non-existent, will it get charged? It would help if you had this question in mind. For that, you need to install the solar panel on the roof so that it can get direct sunlight, and from there, you can get your solar led lights charged through wired connections. So, it is necessary to have direct sunlight to make solar led lights work.

Do Solar Led Lights Work In Winter

If you understand the workings of solar led lights, you would know that the primary thing you need is adequate sunlight. Now, in winters, during the daytime, you will have enough sunlight to charge the batteries. However, many people have struggled to make their solar LEDs work during winter.

The primary reason for that is the quality of the LEDs. They have purchased Solar LEDs by keeping in mind the price. If you buy low-budget solar LEDs, then you might struggle to charge them during winters. However, good-quality solar LEDs will work correctly during winters as well. So, keep it in mind while purchasing solar LEDs.


How to Convert Solar Led Lights to Low Voltage?

It is possible to convert solar led lights to a lower voltage, and many people will tell you about different methods as there are many ways you can do this. Before doing anything like this, you have to understand what type of solar batteries you are using.

If you are using a solar LED bulb of 3V, you need to make a series of them and connect it to a 45V transformer or connect it to a 3V transformer. You have to be cautious here because if any one of the bulbs in your series goes out, then the rest of the bulbs will follow its track. Therefore, you should read all the necessary information before connecting your solar-led lights to a new power source.

Are Solar Led Lights Waterproof

If you are using solar led lights for the fence, then it is an outdoor application. Therefore, you need to know whether these lights will be waterproof or not. Solar led lights are a significant investment, and so, you cannot let them get ruined by rain or hailstorm.

First of all, these solar LEDs are made to stand tall against all types of weather. However, if you live in an area where you get plenty of rainfall and snow, it is better not to have these LEDs outside. Heavy rain, windstorm, or heavy snow can damage your solar LEDs easily.


How to Fix Solar Led Lights?

Sometimes while using solar led lights, they may not work correctly. It happens with all the LEDs, and so, you don’t have to be fuzzy about it. We are not saying that it will happen, but it is better to stay prepared for emergencies. Now, in such a case, you will have to fix your solar LEDs. But, the question is, how you can fix them. Here are some steps that you can take if your solar LED lights are not working correctly.

  1. Inspect whether the lights are appropriately turned on.
  2. Make sure your solar batteries don’t have a pull tab in them.
  3. Put a cover on the panel to check the LED lights.
  4. Check the cleanliness of the solar panel and clean it if needed.
  5. Check the position of the solar panels and adjust according to it.
  6. If possible, then have a check with your regular solar batteries.
  7. Switch the LEDs off and leave them for charging for around 72 hours.
  8. Call the retailer to come and check your solar led lights.


How Long Do Solar Led Lights Last?

Before you install solar led lights in your place, you will be interested to know about the longevity of the solar led lights. It would help if you understood that the outdoor lights would last for about 3 to 4 years before you need to replace them. However, the LED can go on for about a decade before you will change it.

You will understand when you need to change the solar led lights. You have to be a bit vigilant about that. When you see that the solar led lights are not charging correctly or failing to emit light during the night and using it for quite a few years, it is time to change it.

How to Make Solar Led Lights Brighter?

Many people would love to have bright and luminous led lights in their homes. However, very few of them knows how to make those solar led lights brighter. Well, there are specific ways in which you can do that. Let’s see some of the steps that will help you to make your solar led lights brighter than ever;

  1. Ensure that the solar panel is exposed to adequate sunlight during daytime
  2. Keep the solar plane cleaned to ensure it receives adequate sunlight
  3. Any debris on the light should be cleaned immediately to make it brighter
  4. Change the old solar batteries to newer ones for brighter lightings
  5. Buy solar led lights of the highest quality to have bright lights


How to Choose Led Solar Lights

You must choose the right set of solar-powered LEDs in your house if you want to enhance your house’s look. At times, people try to make their homes look great by installing solar-powered LEDs. But, while choosing the LEDs, they make some horrendous mistakes, and as a result, they have to suffer. You don’t have to make such horrible mistakes as we are giving you some tips that will help your choice.

The Type of the Solar-powered LEDs

Before you purchase your solar-led lights, you have to know various types of LED lights that you can use. You might look to use the light on the patio of your house. So, in such a case, you might want to use solar led lights for umbrella.

Meanwhile, if you are looking to install the lights on your lawn, you can pick the ideal solar led lawn lights. You can even go for led solar torch light if you are looking for a new torch. All in all, knowing the right kind of LED you need will ensure that your purchase is fitting.

Where You Should Use the LEDs

It is also essential to know where you should be installing the LEDs. If you want to install it around your house’s pathway, you need to choose led solar pathway lights. Also, to make your little daughter’s room vibrant, you can use solar-powered led fairy lights there.

Some may look for a solar-powered led light to illuminate the graveyard of their loved ones. For that, they need to pick solar led lights for graves. So, you can now clearly see the importance of choosing the right place to install LEDs.

Think about the Ambience

Before installing the LED, you have to imagine the ambiance you want to create using these lights. It will help you to pick the right lights. As you know, there are many types of LED lights such as white led solar lights, red led solar lights, blue led solar lights, or even yellow led solar lights.

So, if you are looking to color led solar lights, you need to know the shade of color you are choosing and the difference it will make to your house. That is why you need to think about the ambiance before choosing the light because that matters precisely.

Don’t Purchase according to the price

Most people make a huge mistake by purchasing solar led lights based on the price. Now, the reason why an LED light is priced low is because of its low-quality. It has nothing to do with discounts and all. If you compromise with the quality to save a few bucks, you will find yourself in big trouble.

Always make quality your priority. Yes, it would help if you looked to buy the solar led lights that are low in price. But, that is not compromising on the quality. If you compare two products, first compare them on quality. If both the products’ quality is the same, you can pick the low price in price among them. Remember, price should not be your priority while buying solar led lights.


How to Charge Solar Led Lights

It is essential that you fully charge your solar batteries with the help of solar panels and sunlight. Otherwise, your LEDs will not work. Yes, you should charge the batteries for about 8 hours a day. If your LEDs are not working, and because of the charging issue, you can switch it off and charge it for 72 hours.

In this way, you will see whether it is an issue with the panels or the battery, or the LEDs. In the meantime, you should only look to charge the batteries of your solar led lights with the help of sunlight. Attempting various tricks to charge from the internet might damage your solar panel system. So, be cautious before you try any silly trick from the internet.


Where to Buy Led Solar Lights?

Now, it is essential to know where you should be buying solar led lights. You need to make sure that you are picking the right solar led lights manufacturer. But, apart from that, you need to know the shop from where you will buy it. Now, the best place to buy solar led lights will be online. You have plenty of stores where you can buy. For example, if you want to buy it from Amazon, then search for solar led lights on amazon, and you will have plenty of options available in front of you.

You can also buy solar-led lights on Alibaba, and if you do that, it will be better if you purchase them in bulk. Otherwise, purchase solar led lights at lowes can be another great option. You will also find plenty of solar led lights on eBay at a reasonable price. Moreover, don’t forget to search for solar led lights at home depot because you can expect to get some good deals here.

Furthermore, buying solar led lights at Walmart will not be such a bad option as the collection at Walmart is enormous. You will have many options for solar led lights. If you are not happy with their collection, you can look for solar led lights at Costco, as they also have an awe-inspiring collection of LED lights. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out led solar lights Lidl as you might find your ideal pick there.


The Bottom Line

As you can see, you have so many places online where you can pick the solar led lights for your use. But, before buying, make sure you prioritize quality before price, as it is a must to find the ideal solar-powered LED lights. Also, now you have a good idea of how solar-powered LED lights work and whether you should install them or not. So, go ahead and choose the one you think is ideal for your application.

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