Sports Solution

LED display screen has been used in sports for more than 10 years. It has also been developed and improved over time, from the beginning of DIP technology to modern-day SMD along with an iron cabinet and a die-casting material. In most cases, sports administrators prefer an outdoor LED display screen to erect stadium perimeter fences and for big LED display standings at the center of sporting grounds.

Benefits or Feature

  • Available in P8 and P10.
  • Soft LED module mask to protect the LED lamp from being damaged by balls.
  • Modular size with 960x960mm LED panel that is easy to maintain.
  • Die-casting material for extra lightness and width thinner.
  • Softcover at the top and support at the back to protect the outdoor advertising LED display screen.
  • Flight box for convenient transportation.
  • Humanized software is adopted for easy operation.

An Indoor LED display screen for sports comes with a big LED screen and an LED banner.
It can be used to broadcast live sports events.

For outdoor LED display screen, it is generally the perimeter LED display put around the stadium to show adverts. It also has a customized design of the whole LED panel to protect the LED display screen from damage during sporting activities.

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