Transportation Solution

It is essential to communicate 24/7 to travelers at airports. LED screen displays have been playing an important role in airports and other transportation centres. Dreamway LED display screen is created as an effective means of updating travellers with important information in real-time.

Benefits or Feature

  • Keep travellers informed round the clock about flights.
    Travellers get frustrated when they cannot easily access information about their scheduled flights. Dreamway LED screen display is designed based on end-user needs. With its humanized software operation, the LED display screen can be updated with the latest information in real-time.

  • Increase in revenue.
    How can an LED screen display at the airport be used to make more money while improving the experience of travelers? Well, this can be achieved by selling advertising space. LED screens are not only effective at airports, but also for road traffic.

For instance, a taxi LED display screen can be used to advertise brands and products for motorists and passers-by to see.

Furthermore, it can also be used for government events like election campaigns. Taxi top LED displays are known to generate 33% higher average campaign recalls than bus advertising and are also 92% higher than billboards and 109% higher than bus shelter advertising.

Why Dreamway Transportation Solution

  • Rich experience in the field of taxi LED display.
    Dreamway has more than 8 years of experience in developing optimum taxi top LED display screens.
  • Customized solution for everyone.
    No matter the taxi LED display or road LED sign required, we offer clients equipment that meets your specific requirements.
    For instance, high brightness LED display signs may be required for road LED display, and if so, a DIP solution is preferable.
    If you require a DIP screen, we can meet your order, although it is rarely used today.

Indoor LED screen display for transportation includes a big LED screen to show information about flights, and bus LED display at the rear, railway station, metro station. Information can be updated with ease.

It mainly includes taxi top LED displays and LED screens outside airports. They can be used to sell advertising space to earn more revenue. You can also use them to broadcast public welfare programs.

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