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LED lights are ruling the lighting industry in recent days. It is being used from small remotes to floodlights and everywhere. This transformation is caused by the numerous benefits coming from the LED lights. They are more energy-efficient than any other lights, and they are economically viable. These LED lights are also last longer than other fixtures, and hence people are using LED lights in all fields, including emergency lights. So, let us look at everything about LED emergency lights in this post.

1. What is an LED emergency light?
2. What are the colors of LED lights available?
3. Other types of LED lights
4. How to install LED emergency lights?
5. How to charge LED emergency light?
6. What are the reliable LED emergency light brands?
7. Frequently Asked Questions
8. Where to buy led emergency light?


What is an LED emergency light?

The lighting industry has gone through a tremendous transformation over the past few decades. Now people are looking for a reliable source of light and backup for the primary lighting system. The concept of emergency light came into existence as a backup for the main power source. The emergency lights are designed to provide the lighting whenever primary lighting fails. Before, fluorescent bulbs were used for emergency lights, but the LED lights have shown better performance, and they consume less energy than other lights. These light circuits are used whenever normal lights are absent.

LED emergency lights for vehicles

LED emergency lights are used in vehicles as warning signs. These lights are available in different colors, including yellow, amber, white, blue, green, and red. Green, blue and red lights are the most commonly used lights in vehicles. These warning lights indicate the viewers to become aware of the surrounding. They indicate potentially dangerous scenarios such as low visibility, congestion, slow-moving traffic, etc.

LED emergency lights for home

The need for emergency lights arises more in homes. The primary sources of power failure are common in all households, be it cities or even in the villages. Hence emergency lights are required for every home. The greatest thing is emergency LED lights come in different shapes, and they also enhance interior beauty. The different colors of light lighting systems are available to provide different shades. These lights usually come with a battery, and it allows you to charge the battery when power is available and use it as an inverter light when the main source of power fails.

LED emergency lights for cars

The lighting needs are not only inside the house or other outdoor conditions. Many times we need emergency lighting options inside vehicles and especially in cars. These lights become very handy whenever the car’s internal lighting system fails or car lights are turned off. The LED car emergency lights usually come with fewer lumens output since the range required is usually less.

LED emergency lights for fire trucks

The emergency lights are designed to provide the lighting whenever an emergency arises. Fire trucks are always deal with emergencies, and they need emergency lights more than any other vehicles. Other light sources will be absent whenever fire breakout happens, and using the wired lights is dangerous in such situations. The fire trucks use high wattage and lumens output lights since they must penetrate a wide range of areas to see things clearly and act accordingly.

LED emergency lights for buildings

The big buildings such as office buildings, factories, storerooms, and other large buildings need emergency LED lights to lighten the areas whenever primary power goes off. However, large buildings need more powerful LED lights since the rooms will be bigger than houses.

LED emergency lights for motorcycles

LED lights are applied in motorcycles in various scenarios. They present in a motorcycle from headlights to fashionable lights. However, if you are going on a long trip or in remote places, the need for deep penetrable LED emergency lights are required. They can act as alternative headlights in case of headlights failure.

LED emergency ceiling lights

LED emergency lights are used in building two types; one is wall-mounted, and another is ceiling mounted. Many people use ceiling lights to illuminate the room whenever the power supply is interrupted. Rechargeable batteries usually source the power for these lights.

LED emergency deck lights

The emergency lights made with LED lights are used in ships and even small boats. They help people to see the surroundings of the deck while walking. They also act as tools to enhance the beauty of the deck.

Police LED emergency lights.

The LED emergency lights on vehicles are most commonly seen on the police and other law enforcement vehicles. These lights usually come with red lights to indicate the alertness and urgency of the situation. The red and blue lights with sirens are common in police vehicles, and these types of lights are available with different wattage capacities.


What are the colors of LED lights available?

Green LED emergency lights.

Green LED emergency lights are used as warning lights by many people. You can see these types of lights on police vehicles, ambulance, and other such vehicles. They convey the urgency of the situation from a very long distance. There are blue and red lights used for the same purpose, but green colored lights are commonly used since it has the longest range. People from afar can easily see the light and act accordingly.

Orange LED emergency lights.

The orange LED emergency lights are also another popular options people go with. These lights are used in homes and buildings to get the light in the absence of the main power source. These lights provide good visibility for a longer range, and they are also pleasing for our eyes.

Yellow LED emergency lights.

Yellow or amber emergency lights are used to convey caution regarding the situation. It is used as a warning light and encourages people to become aware of their surroundings or slow down traffic. Many service vehicles install these vehicles to indicate the slower moving traffic or congestion in the road. The potentially dangerous conditions, such as low visibility and other similar conditions, can be conveyed using this type of light.

Blue LED emergency lights.

Blue-colored LED emergency lights are also used as an alternative for green warning lights. These lights are used by firefight vehicles, ambulance, police, and other law enforcement vehicles. However, these lights are not permitted in every jurisdiction and need to get approval before installing them.

Dual-color LED emergency lights.

Dual-color LED emergency lights are used as warning lights and can be found on many vehicles and homes. They provide the option of customizing the color as per the needs of the users. In the vehicles, these lights can be used to indicate the different levels of hazards.


Other types of LED lights

LED emergency lights and exit signs

Exit signs are required in more places in the current day scenarios than ever. We can see these exit signs in malls, buildings, and many other premises. However, lighting them and making them glow during the night with attractive lights is not easy unless you opt for the best and economically viable light modes. In recent days, LED exit signs are getting more popular, and it is being used in many places because it produces less heat and consumes less energy compared to all other forms of lighting arrangements.

LED emergency exit lights

The exit signs are now powered with battery backup to deal with the power outage. These LED emergency exit lights come with a battery. They keep on charging whenever the power is available, and in case of power failure, it flips over from charging mode to inverter mode and glow and make sure the sign is visible to everyone.


How to install LED emergency lights?

Before installing emergency LED lights, you first consult with an electrician and ensure all safety measures are followed. Since emergency lighting is connected to your building’s electrical wiring and works when the power outage, before installing, make sure the house circuit you are connecting is turned off. There are two common ways to install emergency lights. One is wall mounting, and another one is ceiling or end mounting.

In-wall mounting, first, take off mounting cutouts from the plate to allow electric wires to pass through. Then install the bushing into the wire holes. The thin hollow tubes in the wires are the insulators that allow electricity to pass through without causing any contact with the light fixtures. Once you pull the circuit wiring from the pass hole, attach them to the sign.

You first need to remove wire pass cutouts from the unit’s side or top in the ceiling or end the mounting case. Then attach sign using the hardware and screws. Out of the many screws provided in the package, use the longest screws to hang the plate and attach the units. Pull your circuit wiring through the center hole and fasten the plate to your electrical box. Steer the circuit wiring to pass through the hole that is connected to the power pack. Then keep the sign or fixture canopy to the electrical box and make sure long plate screws passing through the holes. After that, secure the canopy or sign using the nuts; once the setup is s completed and lights are mounted, the wiring will be covered with thermoplastic or metal housing.


How to charge LED emergency light?

Whether it is maintained or otherwise comes with an inbuilt charger in the emergency LED lights that help charge the NiCd cells whenever power is available. Once the main power fails, the electronics switch from charging mode to inverter mode to provide the emergency lights. Hence, all you need to do is keep the power supply always on to the emergency light circuit so you can enjoy the light whenever the main power fails. That means you no need to take extra steps to charge these units. If your emergency light isn’t charging, then either the battery pack life is over, or there is a fault in the charging circuit.

Rechargeable emergency light

Most LED emergency lights come with rechargeable batteries that keep on charging whenever the power supply is available. These types of lights are available in various types, capacities, and other specifications. The inbuilt rechargeable battery keeps on charging when the main power supply is turned on. Once the power supply fails, they flip over from charging to inverter mode to provide an uninterrupted supply of lights.

LED solar emergency light

The recent development in emergency LED lights is the usage of solar energy. These LED lights are ideal for the garden, patio, or other open places where providing wired connections becomes troublesome. These types of lights are easy to install and environmentally great for nature. These lights come in different shapes and styles, so you can use them as emergency lights and a tool to enhance the place’s aesthetic beauty. They use solar energy rather than electrical power to get the batteries charging, and with solar energy, they produce lights.


What are the reliable LED emergency light’ brands?

In the current market, there is plenty of emergency lights available. But many of them are not good enough to provide long-lasting battery life, and your money will go waste. As a result, you must find the emergency lights manufactured by reliable manufacturers to get value for your hard-earned money.

Philips LED emergency light.

Philips is undoubtedly one of the top brands for electronic products, and they provide great products for many years. Philips is providing different types and shapes of emergency LED lights to cater to every user’s needs. They are ideal for indoor usage, outdoor usage. The wide range of emergency lights includes round-shaped emergency lights, standard emergency lights, and other fixtures.

Syska LED emergency light.

Syska LED emergency lights are also another choice if you want to get long-lasting and durable emergency lights. Syska provides different emergency lights consisting of different shapes, styles, lumens, and various price range emergency fixtures. You can get these LED fixtures from both online and offline stores. You need to pay a little more price than the other cheap products, but you will get the assurance of quality and good warranty support.

Panasonic LED emergency light.

Panasonic is another great option to go if you are looking to get various price ranges and different emergency lights features with an extended and reliable life. Panasonic includes both standard rechargeable lights and environment-friendly and pocket-friendly solar-powered LED lights.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does LED emergency light work?

To provide a seamless light supply, first, you should have a reliable power source. This is possible if you have a battery that kept charged for charging completely. Once the battery is charged, it can provide adequate power to deal with the interruption in the supply of power. The standard emergency LED light comprises LED lights, battery, test button, housing, emergency light module, and charging indicator. In this system, the battery stores the power to generate power, and once the main power supply is interpreted, the emergency light module supplies the power to LED fixtures.

How to synchronize led emergency lights?

People likely use more than one emergency light for their home or other buildings. In these kinds of scenarios, it is important to sync every emergency light with others. The advantage of syncing these lights is they will work in unison in main power source failure. This helps to provide a clear pattern, better visibility, and a professional look to the LED lights.

The greatest thing is the syncing of these lights is not the hardest thing. In many lights, you need to attach the sync wires in every light to sync them together. This procedure works for the majority of the light fixtures. However, in some special cases, you need to set each light in the same pattern to make them sync properly. However, the best practice is to follow the manual provided by the LED emergency light manufacturer.

What is the best wattage for LED emergency light?

The measurement of LED lights is different when compared to traditional light sets. The biggest advantage of LED emergency lights is that they consume very little energy compared to other types of bulbs, such as incandescent, fluorescents, etc. However, there is no ideal wattage that suits the need of every user. One has to determine the best wattage for their requirements, considering the space, coverage, and the number of rights one has installed. You can find four, five, eight, and nine wattages LED lights commonly in most of the buildings, and you can get even brighter and highest wattage lights if you need lighter and want to cover more space.

How to wire LED emergency lights?

Wiring plays an important role in fixing the LED emergency lights in your homes and offices. First, carefully review the instructions to create a fixture as per the voltage requirements(120 volts or 277 volts). After that, look at the connection on the light fixtures. It should feature a single common wire, 277-volt wire (red), 120-volt wire (black), and an optional ground wire. Next, connect the correct common & voltage wires from your house power unit and ground wire if you need it. You can use crimpers and wire strippers to remove the wire cover to establish the connection. Then connect the wires but ensure not to connect both 277 volt and 120-volt wires since it will cause fixture malfunction.

How long do LED emergency lights last?

The emergency lights typically provide continuous lighting for a minimum of 90 minutes. However, the backup time differs from one manufacturer to another. These emergency lights’ battery provides at least four years of life before it becomes unfit to use. Some of the batteries can last up to ten years. The charging method and other things also vary from one brand to another.

How to repair an LED emergency light?

The repairing process is easy, and you can often do it by yourself without an electrician’s help. First, you must open the back panel of LED lights by removing the screws. Inside, you can find three different components, including the light section, charging section, and the battery. In most cases, the circuit section will be damaged. That means you need to check the PF or AC capacitor; if that is not working, you need to replace it. If the AC capacitor is working perfectly, check the bridge Rectifiers using a multimeter. We could see another problem from the battery section if the battery is overcharged or over-discharged, the battery may not work. In these cases, you must replace the battery, and it will work fine. Sometimes, the switches can make your emergency lights malfunction. So, you can lubricate it or replace it if it is causing the issue. If you changed the battery, charge it for at least four hours before using your LED emergency lights.


Where to buy led emergency light?

You know there are many great products available, but you will end up getting bad products or duplicate items if you choose the wrong vendor. So we are providing the perfect place to purchase LED emergency lights for you.

LED emergency lights amazon

Amazon is one of the leading sellers of all products from daily essentials, electronic items, and other items. Hence, you can select Amazon to buy lights, where you can find numerous brands, price ranges, various wattage lights, etc. Hence, you can easily choose the product you want from Amazon. They also have a good return and replacement policy in case you are not satisfied with the products.

LED emergency lights eBay

eBay also another good source to purchase any product, and it includes the LED emergency lights also. This source comprises of different brands and different price ranges and varieties of emergency lights to choose from. You can even get refurbished products on this website for those looking for branded products at lower prices.

LED emergency lights home depot

Home depot is another great option to consider. You can find varieties of brands, shapes, styles, and price ranges of LED emergency lights, including Panasonic, Philips, Syska, and many more. You can get solar-powered or regular emergency lights in this store. You can also get an easy return or replacement option at this store.

These are everything you need to know about LED emergency lights, and understanding these things will help you select the best light as per your requirements.


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