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We all should look at energy-efficient ways to spend energy. The more we save energy today, the better it would be for our future generation. The amount of energy we spend by lighting the regular bulbs becomes a concern for our earth. That is why we should switch to a more energy-efficient option when it comes to lighting bulbs. That is why you should know about LED bulbs.

1. What Are LED Light Bulbs?
2. Which LED Bulbs Are Best?
3. Why LED Bulbs Are So Expensive?
4. How Much Do LED Bulbs Save?
5. LED Bulbs Pros and Cons
6. Why LED Light Bulbs?
7. What Are Lumens in LED Bulbs?
8. Frequency Asked Questions
9. The Bottom Line

These bulbs can save a tremendous amount of energy and can light up your space in a much better way. However, very few people know about LED bulbs. It is essential to learn about these lights because they can also improve the decoration of your space. That is why you should look to gather as much information about LED bulbs as possible.

In the past few years, LED bulbs have become a popular choice in households. So, if you are looking to revamp the lighting setup of your home, then LED bulbs can be a fantastic choice. It will not only save you money but will bring an elegant touch to your interior decoration. Thus, are you ready to find out more about LED bulbs? In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about LED bulbs.


What Are LED Light Bulbs?

LED bulbs are a type of bulb that uses multiple light-emitting diodes or LEDs to produce light. That is why it is more powerful than your regular lights and also saves more money. When you use standard bulbs to light up your space, you tend to consume a lot more energy.

Apart from that, those lights are not that attractive that can elevate the look of your space. However, LED bulbs are stylish as well, and that is why if you install them in your house, you will see a drastic change in your house’s outlook, and you will feel surprised.


Which LED Bulbs Are Best?

You will find many LED bulbs on the market that are very good to use. It would help if you always looked to buy LED bulbs of the best quality from LED light bulbs’ best brand. Now, many brands can stamp their claim as the best-LED bulb manufacturer. Let’s have a look at some of the brands that you can trust for high-quality LED bulbs.

  • Phillips: You can rest assured LED bulbs Philips are the most sought-after LED bulbs in the market. They have some excellent LED bulb series.
  • Xiaomi: Known for their smart, innovative technology, you can expect LED bulb Xiaomi to be the same. You can control it with your phone.
  • Cree: You can sense the rise in popularity of Cree LED bulbs. They have some perfect LED bulbs that you can install in your house.
  • Syska: When it comes to the best-LED bulbs, you have to mention a Syska LED bulb. They have a wide range of LED bulbs and are very popular in the market.
  • Osram: Recently, the Osram LED bulb is making a name for itself in the market. You can look to buy the LED bulb from them as they are a reputed brand.


Why LED Bulbs Are So Expensive?

If you want to have something better, you have to spend better on that as well. We have heard that quite a lot. LED bulbs are expensive. So, is it proper for LED bulbs as well? Let’s see.

Better Technology

LED bulbs are made with more advanced technology. These bulbs are more complex than your regular halogen or incandescent bulbs. So, the manufacturing process of these bulbs is more complex as well. That is why the manufacturing cost is higher, which makes the overall cost higher also.

More Parts Needed

The parts used to make halogen, or incandescent bulbs are far lesser than what you need to make LED bulbs. These components are not cheap. So, because of these costly parts, the overall cost also becomes expensive. But, the cost you bear upfront can be recovered within a few months quickly. It might seem expensive initially, but you will know that LED bulbs are a cost-effective solution after some time.


How Much Do LED Bulbs Save?

You have to understand that LED bulbs will not only save you your money but also your time. Wondering how? Let’s see.


You will be able to save close to $1.25 per month. So, you can recover the amount you spent on LED bulbs within a few months. That is why LED bulbs are such a cost-effective investment. You will be on the gainer’s side with LED bulbs, without a doubt.


One of the things that people don’t realize is the time-saving aspect of LED bulbs. If you use halogen or incandescent bulbs, you will have to replace them over and over again. Their lifespan is too short. However, the lifespan of LED bulbs is very long. So, you will not have to go to a shop regularly to buy LED bulbs and install them in your house. That is why LED bulbs save your time as well.


LED Bulbs Pros and Cons


  • It lasts longer than standard bulbs
  • Saves more energy and its cost
  • The look is much better than regular bulbs
  • Using LED bulbs is a smart upgrade to homes
  • LED bulbs have a lower house heat output
  • The lesser output of ultra-violet and infrared rays
  • Better for environment and nature
  • Reduces CO2 emission drastically


  • Very expensive to purchase initially
  • Not possible to dim all LED bulbs
  • The size of bigger LED bulbs is huge and can be a problem in a limited space
  • The light output could reduce after a few years like other lights
  • The color reflection can sometimes be a bit inaccurate like other lights
  • Upgrading LED bulbs is a bit costly


Why LED Light Bulbs?

It would help if you choose LED bulbs over your regular halogen bulbs or incandescent bulbs because of the following reasons;

  • Higher lifespan
  • Saves more energy
  • More safety in your place
  • Small in size but more effective
  • CRI index is much better
  • Can improve the appearance of a house
  • Using LEDs is good for the environment


What Are Lumens in LED Bulbs?

You want to have some measurement to know about the amount of light coming from the bulb. Lumens can be called that measurement. It is light output, which the manufacturers of LED measures with lm.

If you are looking for LED bulbs that will produce brighter lights, you need to choose the bulbs with higher lumens. That is why looking at the pack and checking the number of lumens while purchasing LED bulbs is very important.

LED Bulbs Quality

One thing is for sure; you cannot complain about the quality of LED bulbs. They are superb. You will not regret it after you install it. The main reason for that is they look so incredible. Apart from that, you should know that light can save a good amount of energy. That is why you should never compromise on the quality of LED bulbs. If you can buy the right LED bulbs for your house, it will last for a very long time. So, it will be a long-term investment.

LED Bulb Price

The price of LED bulbs can be a bit of a concern for some people when installing them. You should now know that color-changing light bulbs and LED bulbs natural light will be a long-term investment. It means, if you buy an LED bulb yellow, it will work more many years.

Also, different LED bulbs have different prices. For example, LED bulbs red will have a different price if you compare it with LED bulbs daylight white. Now, if you want to have LED bulbs cool white in your house, you might have to pay a different price. Whatever you choose, your investment in LED bulbs will be fruitful and cost-effective if you see it wisely. These bulbs will last for many years to come.


Frequency Asked Questions

Are LED Bulbs Safe?

You might think incandescent bulbs are suitable for your household as they are cheap. But, let us tell you that your money will dry out from the back pocket. The reason for that is incandescent bulbs are cost-effective in the beginning. But, after that, you will see a massive rise in your electricity bills. An incandescent bulb needs more energy to run efficiently. However, you will not face this problem with LED bulbs. You should know that LED bulbs need lesser energy to run. So, your energy bill will go down. Also, you need to know that installing LED bulbs can be a massive step towards saving the environment by cutting energy use. So, yes, LED bulbs are safer and better than incandescent bulbs or any other bulbs.

Are LED Bulbs Brighter Than Halogen?

Yes, LED bulbs can be brighter than halogen. You have to take into consideration the ratio of lumen per watt. LED bulbs have a better ratio than halogen. Apart from that, you will be stunned to know that an LED bulb can produce the same amount of light as a halogen lamp. The interesting fact is that the LED lamp will take 85% less power than halogen to give you that amount of light. Isn’t this incredible? It will help if you replace your halogen bulb with LED bulbs that will provide the same amount of light with lesser energy consumption.

LED Bulbs to Replace Halogen?

It would help if you thought now whether it is time to change the way you light up your home. Many people use halogen or incandescent bulbs to light up their houses. While it is not wrong to do so, you may be doing injustice to nature. You should know that halogen or incandescent bulbs need more energy to give you light. However, LED bulbs will take 85% less energy to provide you with the same amount of light. So, you will be the gainer because you will not only reduce energy consumption, but your energy bill will also reduce significantly. Meanwhile, you will be playing your role in saving nature.

How LED Bulbs Are Better Than CFLs?

Many people would compare CFLs with LED bulbs. But, you need to know that both these two types of bulbs are quite similar. However, LED bulbs will be a better choice even though it will be a bit more costly upfront than a CFL lamp. LED lamps are more energy-efficient than a CFL lamp. The reason for that is an LED lamp will lose less heat. When you touch an LED light, it will feel cool. Thus, an LED lamp 16.5 watt can be similar to a CFL lamp of 20 watt or an incandescent bulb of 75 watts because of this lesser energy loss.

Are LED Bulbs Energy Efficient?

Yes, LED bulbs are more energy-efficient than most bulbs. If you want to reduce your electricity bill or energy consumption, this is the lighting system you need to choose. Since it was discovered, LED bulbs have become very popular among people due to obvious reasons. If you buy an LED bulb with an ENERGY STAR rating, you will be saving 75% more energy. So, the cost you had to bear to bear for your incandescent lights will go down amazingly. That is why LED bulbs are more energy-efficient, and it is the solution you should look to have in your house.

How LED Bulbs Work?

You should be aware of the operational functions of LED bulbs before you buy them. Although it is unnecessary to know this, knowing it helps when someone will ask you how it produces lights. So, the essential thing is that LED bulbs have a diode. The material of the diode is semiconducting.

The bulb will pass the electricity through this diode. After that, the diode will emit light (photons) as per the electroluminescence principles. You know the basics of how an LED bulb would work, which would be enough for you. It may seem complex to understand, and in reality, it’s straightforward.

How Long Do LED Light Bulbs Last?

Understandably, you want to know how long LED bulbs would last before purchasing them. You want to make sure that the amount of money you spend on the bulb is worthwhile. You should know that LED bulbs have a higher lifespan than most of the typical bulbs.

The lifespan of LED bulbs is around 50,000 hours. Now, it is 50 times more than the regular incandescent bulbs you use at home. It is also 20 to 25 times more than any standard halogen bulb or 8 to 10 times more than the traditional CFL lamps. If you use an LED light for 12 hours a day, it will last for 11 years approximately.

What Is The Equivalent Wattage For LED Bulbs?

LED bulbs do take less energy to give you light, that is for sure. So, you will be wondering how much less energy it takes to provide you with light if you compare it with other bulbs. When it comes to incandescent bulbs, it takes 90% less energy to illuminate the bulb. Compared to halogen bulbs, LED bulbs take 85% of less energy to bright up your house. If you check CFL, LED bulbs will take 40% less energy, 40% to 50% for fluorescent tube lights. So, it is more energy-efficient than anything else.

What LED Bulb Is Equivalent to 100 Watt?

The wattage of bulbs varies along with their type. You have to see the bulb type if you want to know the LED bulb’s 100 watts equivalent. That is why; let’s see the 100 watts equivalent to LED bulbs;

  • Metal Halide: 100 watts = LED bulbs: 30 watts
  • Halogen Bulbs: 100 watts = LED bulbs: 12 watts
  • Incandescent Bulbs: 100 watts = LED bulbs: 10 watts

Which LED Bulbs Are the Brightest

The more lumens an LED bulb has, the brighter it will emit light. So, you need to check the lumens of the LED lamp before buying it. The amount of light you need will be equivalent to the lumens of the bulb. Now, the bulbs with 1600 lumens will be the brightest.

Even a standard 40 watts LED bulb with around 400+ lumens is also very bright. You need to know that the wattage and lumens are equivalent. So, more wattage will result in more lumens so that the bulb will emit more light.

Why LED Bulbs Flicker?

You will not find any glowing filament in LED bulbs. So, if your lighting circuit has an incompatible dimmer switch, this flickering of LED bulbs could happen. It can especially happen if the button is starting to on and off regularly. Also, a loose connection in the circuit could be the problem.

Why Do My LED Bulbs Glow When Off?

Once you switch off the LED bulb, you will see it glowing a bit. It may seem unusual, but it happens, and you should not worry about it. First of all, it can happen because of the LED bulb circuit’s serial connection. It can clamp the circuit when you switch the power off.

Apart from that, another reason your LED lamp might glow even after you have switched off the light. If the quality of the light is low, it might happen. The faulty circuit could cause this type of glowing of the LED lamps.

Where to Recycle LED Light Bulbs?

Yes, you can recycle LED bulbs, and it is good for the environment as well. But, the question is how you can do this. You will find many popular stores that will allow you to recycle the LED bulbs. Stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, or IKEA have recycling bins where you can go and drop your LED bulbs.

You can also contact your local store to know whether they offer LED recycling or not. Meanwhile, some municipal departments also allow LED recycling on some particular days. Recycling your LED lights will not be a problem. So, for the sake of the environment, you should look to recycle your LED bulbs.

Where to Buy LED Bulb?

The best place to buy LED bulbs nowadays has to be online. You can search for LED bulbs Amazon, and you will find all the LED bulbs available on amazon for your purchase. You will also have the same result if you search for LED bulbs eBay or LED bulbs Argos. Now, you can also look to go to a physical store to buy LED bulbs. For example, you can have LED bulbs IKEA in your local store, which can be the right choice. You can also go for LED bulbs Tesco and have an outstanding collection of LED bulbs. You can find many home depots LED bulbs in the store of home depot. So, you can look to go there as well. Last but not least, going for Costco LED bulbs can also be the right choice.


The Bottom Line

Finally, you have the information you need to choose LED bulbs over other bulbs. So, you should not be wasting your time and start installing LED bulbs in your house. Yes, the upfront cost will be a bit expensive. But, after you use LED bulbs for a few months, you will recover the price quickly. Also, it will go on for years, saving your time. So, it will surely be a sufficient investment as it is suitable for the environment as well.

While buying a LED bulb, make sure you buy it from a reputed brand. Otherwise, you may not get the quality of the bulb you seek. So, choose the LED bulb for better living and transform your house’s appearance forever.

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