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People never stop thirsting for creativity.
This is one reason why flexible LED display screens are highly demanded.
The creativity of our inventors is brought to light when you see how flexible our LED display screens are made with different regular shapes. For instance, we have LED screens installed on the column, can-shape, arc, S-shape, and many more.

Whether you are looking for a special LED display to WOW your audience or whether you require a screen of any shape to execute your outdoor or indoor project, we are available to receive your inquiry and to meet your every need.


Dreamway, as a Flexible LED Display manufacturer, provides outdoor and indoor flexible LED display with professional solutions:

  • From P1.875 to P5, you can expect different types of flexible LED display from us.
  • There are 2 different sizes for some types, so clients have more choices for their specific projects.
  • Soft PCB and base cover make the flexible LED panel soft, so any shape can be achieved based on your needs.
  • Advanced craftsmanship during the production stage ensures that the flexible LED screen operates efficiently.

Technical Specifications:
Your Flexible LED Display Manufacturers

Pixel Pitch (mm) Resolution (dots/m²) LED Type LED Display Module Size (mm) Brightness (nits)
1.875 284,444 SMD1415 W 240 x H 120 600~800
2 250,000 SMD1415 W 240 x H 120 600~800
2.5 160,000 SMD2020 W 240 x H 120 700~900
3 111,111 SMD2020 W 240 x H 120 700~900
4 62,500 SMD2020 W 256 x H 128 700~900
5 40,000 SMD2020 W 320 x H 160 600~800

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