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Rental & Staging Solution

What tools do you use to make your events more unforgettable for the people present? Do you know that a Stage LED display screen that has passed through different stages of development over the years is often used at events like weddings, concerts, exhibitions, and conferences?

Benefits or Feature

  • Stage rental LED display can be configured to serve different functions of the small, medium, large setups and to meet the various requirements of event planners.
  • Different designs and shapes of the die-casting cabinet to bring you an effortless process to set up a stage LED screen.
  • Light-weight and easy assembling and disassembling lower down the labor cost.

Why Dreamway Rental Solution

  • Continual development of multiple display screen types to expand your options.
  • Fast and secure service as soon as your request is communicated to us
  • Help clients stand out among competitors and engage their spectators.

Indoor rental LED display includes events in concert, conference, theatre, pub, etc.

Our outdoor rental LED display has been used in many public events, like concerts and church services.

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