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Synchronous Control and Asynchronous Control Introduction

In the LED screen field, synchronous control and asynchronous control refer to the control methods of the control PC to the LED screen.

Synchronous control is a kind of LED screen control system that the contents showing on the LED screen are the same as what is showing on the control PC at the same time. For instance, some famous brands like Novastar, Linsn, Kystar, etc, are the synchronous control system.

Asynchronous control is also called off-line control. The contents would be stored in the LED screen control system in advance, and the LED screen would continually work even the control PC is turned off. In short, it is the control card to control the LED screen, and no need to use the control PC.

Synchronous and Asynchronous LED Screen Differences

☛ Display modes. Synchronous control LED display could show various or even unlimited kinds of display modes if using professional LED control software, while asynchronous control LED display could only show several kinds of display modes, like pop-up, roll-up, roll-down, etc.

☛ Operation. For the synchronous controller, it needs a professional engineer to operate, while the asynchronous controller is no need to operate all the time, and it is much easier to handle.

☛ Control methods. Just as mentioned above, synchronous control needs the control PC to be ON all the time if the LED screen would be working, while the asynchronous control type doesn’t need the control PC to be ON.

Synchronous OR Asynchronous Control

Before offering suitable project solutions to clients, suppliers need to know more details, like screen size, the effect needed, whether secondary development is needed, and all these could be got from the clients. Generally, for a big LED screen with high resolution, no matter outdoor or indoor use, synchronous control is better to achieve a higher refresh rate. The operation principle of the synchronous control LED display is just like a computer screen.

If secondary development is needed, then the asynchronous controller should be used. Besides, the asynchronous controller is mainly used to show texts, symbols, graphics, etc. The contents are edited by the computer and stored in a frame memory in advance with RS232/485, and the LED screen would show by itself. Besides, the asynchronous control system could show a simulation clock, countdown, form. And it has the function of time setting, temperature and humidity control.

It is important to choose a suitable kind of control method according to the specific project. Experienced LED screen suppliers could offer the best solution for the clients. It is not good that the project costs the most, but it is the best that the control system is perfect to meet the clients’ requirements. In Dreamway, we always insist on providing clients the best suitable solution according to the detailed project of the clients. Our goal is to offer clients an easy operation but an appropriate control system to get the LED screen done.

Below are some examples of synchronous and asynchronous control projects:

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