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Nowadays, creative LED displays are used in some events to attract more attention among audiences. Among them, LED sphere balls are one type. So far, there are 3 types of LED sphere showing below:

3 Types of LED Sphere:

1. Watermelon ball screen: For the earliest circular LED display in the market, it is also called a watermelon ball screen. It is composed of PCBs with watermelon shape, with a direct-viewing structure. It is no need to use many kinds of PCBs for this type of LED sphere. One defect is that the north and south poles couldn’t show images normally. This causes low utilization or severe distortion. Why such a problem occurs? This is because all pixels show in lines and columns,  but it shows in circles for the pixels of north and south poles on the LED sphere. As a result, it is difficult to show normally.

2. Triangle ball screen: This is composed of plane triangle PCBs, also called football screen. This type of LED sphere overcomes the defect that the north and south poles couldn’t show normally. So the utilization rate improves a lot. But for this type, there are other shortcomings: many kinds of PCBs are needed, the pixel pitch couldn’t be too small, software programming is much complicated.

3. Six sides ball screen: This type is made up of quadrangle PCBs. Taking an example of a 1.5m diameter LED sphere. Split this sphere as 6 planes with the same size, and then split each plane as 4 panels with the same dimension. So there are 24 panels in total. Each panel is composed of 16 PCBs. Then assemble them as a complete six sides ball screen. Compared to the 2nd type of triangle ball screen, the PCBs needed for this type are less. Besides, it is closer to the plane LED screen for pixels configuration. So this type of six sides ball screen is much better than the above two types.

Because of this feature, six sides ball screen could be packed with flight boxes, with easy assemble and disassemble. It could either show with 1 video source, or it could show with 6 different video sources on the 6 planes. This is especially important for the LED sphere with more than 2 meters in diameter. This is decided by human stature, which is below 2 meters generally. And the efficient viewing angle is only about 1/6 of the LED sphere.

Outdoor LED Ball:

The principle for the LED outdoor ball is similar to that of the indoor LED sphere. The only difference is it needs to be waterproof for the outdoor LED ball.

LED Sphere Conclusion:

Before, when there was a big LED screen in the plaza, people would be very surprised to see such a large TV outside. Now such a flat LED screen couldn’t meet the requirement of audiences. If a big LED sphere like 5 meters diameter appearing in the plaza one day, it would attract much more attention and bring more ROI for advertisers. This is a trend in the near future. Let us look forward to this.

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