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LED Screen Installation:

Today, we would like to talk about the LED screen installation, mainly outdoor LED screen projects. If you plan to purchase an LED screen (you could get more details about this point via the link of Buy LED Screen), then LED screen installation is an inevitable procedure to make it done. And we suggest you take a few minutes to read this article to prepare well. Some times there are some accidents happening caused by improper installation. Even worse, it could cause the whole screen to burn.

Below are some common problems need to be considered before outdoor LED video wall installation:

☛ The outdoor LED screen has to undergo terrible weather. And it may get wet or damp after a long time operation. This may cause a short circuit or get burnt, even fire.

☛ The outdoor LED screen may be attacked by strong electric and magnetic caused by thunder and lightning.

☛ The big change in the environment. In summer, the LED screen may stop working because of the high temperature during the operation, while the system couldn’t even start in winter because of low temperature.

According to the above problems, these following aspects need to be paid much attention to during outdoor LED display installation:

  1. When making the steel structure, please make sure that it is strong enough to withstand wind. Generally, it is big for an outdoor LED display. And it is installed in the place with crowded people. So many factors like waterproof, dustproof, wind resistance, lightning protection, etc, need to be considered. Besides, power distribution box, air conditioner, ladder stand need to be put in the steel structure. One more thing, the erection of scaffolding is an important procedure during making the steel structure. So all these details need to be inspected and executed in a strict way.
  2. During the LED sign installation, it is important to comply with the electricity standard. It needs to be equipped with the three-stage distribution system in the site and two-stage leakage protection system.
  3. Make sure the protection level of the outdoor LED screen should be IP65 in front and IP54 at the back, or even higher than this level during LED installation.
  4. Add ventilation equipment during LED screen installation, making the inside of the LED screen between -10℃ to 40℃.
  5. Adopt high-quality power cables. The bigger the LED screen, the more power used. And it requires a higher requirement for the stability of power cables. Here are 3 points:
    1. The core of the cable should be the copper conductor carrier.
    2. The core cross-sectional area tolerance should be in the standard range.
    3. The rubber wrapped the core should meet the standard of insulative and flammability.
  6. Lightning protection and grounding during LED screen installation. It is best to equip lightning arrester for the outdoor LED screen. For the grounding, we need to divide it into two conditions: One is when the outdoor LED screen is installed solely, a single grounding system needs to be set, and the ground resistance should be less than 4 Ohm. The other one is when the LED screen is installed on the building, they need to be grounded well, and the ground resistance should be less than 1 Ohm.
  7. Choosing suitable power distribution box during LED screen installation. For the power box, it needs to be with a remote control function or with PLC control to make it more intelligent.

Here are some examples of LED screen installation:

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