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LED Poster Display Introduction

LED poster, which was developed from the LED advertising player, is a new trend for indoor advertising in specialty stores or brand stores. Its main advantage is light-weight and easy to take away. For poster LED display, it is mainly 2.5mm and 3mm pixel pitch types, with high definition. The screen size could be made like W 640 x H 1920 mm or W 576 x H 1920 mm. The thickest width is 10 cm, while the thinnest width is only 5 cm. The weight is about 35 kg. It is made with a front maintenance solution. Clients could take out LED display modules easily from the front with a maintenance tool.

Below are some features of LED poster display:

Controllable space: LED poster display could be moved easily according to the locations.

Multimedia: LED digital signage display could show many kinds of information, like messages, sound, images, etc, making boring ads as vivid ones, and developing the creativity of media companies.

Personalization: The sales promotion on the LED poster display is one-to-one, unforced and humanized. This could pass the correct information to potential clients without salespersons’ promotion.

Growth: The audiences to view LED poster displays are mainly youth and middle-class groups. As these groups have strong purchasing power, there is a big potential to develop the market of this part.

Advancement: Different from traditional advertisement methods like leaflets, newspapers, etc, the LED poster is much more environmental-friendly, faster exchanging contents, which is much more likely to be accepted by the public.

Economical efficiency: For leaflets or newspapers, they cost much on the printing, posting, while the LED poster doesn’t need to pay for these.

Technology: It needs technical support on the operation, computer, video editing, image processing to operate the LED poster, which could meet the trend of the futures market.

Pervasiveness: The LED poster has been applied widely in shopping malls, hotels, government agencies, and even homes.

Here are some control methods of poster LED display:

☛ Remote control and send real-time information like sales promotion, meeting notices, special offer information, missing person posters, new arrivals information, etc.

☛ Media server control. It is to connect with one or many media servers in the same LAN and send commands to control one or many LED poster displays at any time.

☛ Set the download and display time in advance. The LED poster could operate automatically according to the setting time in advance to download or display.

Installation Methods with a brief diagram:

  • With support at the back.
  • Floor standing.
  • Hanging installation.
  • Several LED poster displays making cascade connection.
  • Creative installation.

LED poster display has become hot these two years. With the above-noted advantages and features, we believe that it could be also your next project choice for indoor advertising. If you would like to know more details about poster LED displays and more about new products, welcome to contact us.

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