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The innovations are changing the world all around us. The lighting industry is not an exception to this phenomenon. From the high power consuming incandescent to halogen and LED, the journey was terrific, and it is still making progress with each passing day. The days of using the regular incandescent start to vanish as the LED lights are taking its place quite quickly. This rapid change is not at all unexpected because the LEDs are more reliable, efficient, less power-consuming, and more luminous.

1. What is LED outdoor lighting?
2. Features of outdoor LED lights
3. How does led outdoor lighting work?
4. Types of LED outdoor lights
5. Pros of LED Outdoor Lights
6. Cons of LED outdoor lighting
7. How much power does an LED light use?
8. How to install led outdoor lighting?
9. LED outdoor lighting manufacturers
10. Conclusion

Hence, today LEDs are not only restricted to use inside the buildings but also it is being used in almost all places, including the outdoors. Therefore, let us try to lighten our knowledge with the luminous outdoor LEDs.

What is LED outdoor lighting?

The Light Emitting Diode is the one solution for many problems. The LED lights are an efficient way to illuminate all types of places, whether indoor or outdoor, including the parking lot, garden, patio, back yard, street lights, etc. The same technology used to lighten the indoor spaces comes with extra lumen to brighten the outdoor atmosphere. These LED outdoor lights solve three main problems we were facing until now.

First, the outdoor conditions have to be very bright to make you, your family, and every visitor feels secure and safe. If it is a parking lot, then the dark or low light gives the feel of nothing more than a horror movie. Second, all your outdoor lighting should be energy efficient. The reason is all your outdoor lights are meant to operate at least ten hours a day from dusk to dawn. In this field, LED outdoor lights are champions because they utilize very little energy. And finally, the lifespan of the lights needs to be very long.

Otherwise, you have to spend a whole lot of money and effort on changing the bulbs regularly. The LED outdoor lights have all these qualities to make your life comfortable.


Features of outdoor LED lights

As we already saw, the LED outdoor lights are the boon for our generation. Hence, let us look at the prominent features of outdoor LED lights.

Variable Lumen Output (VLO)

VLO is a revolutionary thing in the lighting industry. It provides versatility to your outdoor lighting. Every outdoor light with this feature is available with at least two to four-lumen outputs. The main advantage of this is you can adjust the light output level without touching or opening the fixtures. It also eliminates the need for multiple fixtures to get different types of lighting outputs. You can make all these adjustments with the magnetic key, and it aids in minimizing the risk of fixture failure with mechanical adjustments.


LED outdoor lights are the best thing to install outdoors because of its flexibility. They are available with several shapes and sizes, so you won’t get any chance to complain about the fixtures’ unavailability as per your needs. They offer many different colors, lumens, voltage options, and whatnot; this is the one-stop-shop for all your lighting needs in indoor and outdoor locations.


The uniformity in the light means the ratio of lighting to the average level of illumination in a given area. In short, it is a parameter to check the quality of light distribution in that particular area. The LED outdoor lights provide a uniform amount of light to the entire site rather than distributing more light below the fixtures and less with the increasing distance.


The best of all features in LED lights is its consistent performance. You won’t find the dip and dim kind of fluctuations in the LED lights, where it is common in typical incandescent lamps. The reason is the LED lights don’t require more energy to illuminate. It consumes significantly less energy and gives more light, so the minor fluctuations in power don’t affect your lighting quality through its lifetime.


The durability of the lights is the key thing to look into. The more durable your light is, you can save more money with each passing day. The outdoor LED lights are the perfect choice for all weather conditions. They cope up well with the climate and provide a longer lifespan than other means of lighting. So, this is where you can find the vast difference between ordinary lights and LEDs. An LED can easily provide the lifespan of a minimum of 30,000 hours on average.

How does led outdoor lighting work?

The LEDs are capable of creating light with the arrangement of two semiconductors situated between the electrodes. You can find N-type and P-type semiconductors in an LED light, and they cause the lighting. N-type is a semiconductor with extra elections, and on the other hand, P-type is the semiconducting material with additional holes.

Establishing the connection between the negative electrode to type N semiconductor and the positive electrode with type P semiconductor

activates the electrons, and they flow along the junction from the negative layer to the positive. Once the extra electrons begin to move across the extra holes, they generate light. The material used to create the LED lights are usually made of AlGaAs (aluminum-gallium-arsenide). However, there are different kinds of materials available.


Types of LED outdoor lights

Outdoor led lighting for pergolas

The LED lights are capable enough to make your pergolas beautiful with different color options and varieties of sizes and shapes. You can hang the LED lights on pergolas to get the maximum lumens effect with a little energy consumption.

LED outdoor lighting with motion sensor

The LED lights with motion sensors detect the movements of us and act accordingly. They are useful where you have a child, senior citizen, and the people who tend to forget to switch off or struggle to switch on the lights with ease. They are available with the motion sensor, and they can automatically turn off the light once the night is over. It not only saves your energy and time but also helps to reduce the energy bill.

LED outdoor deck lighting

The deck of your boat and ship needs the attractive lights, and they should be luminous enough to provide more brightness. These outdoor lights are used to increase the aesthetic beauty of the boat and meet the requirement of an enormous brightness level in the ships.

LED outdoor house lighting

These types of LED lights are used in front yards, backyards, patios, gardens, and houses’ surroundings. They are comparatively less luminous than the deck lightings, but you have a plethora of options to get the lumens and color options for your home.

LED outdoor tree lighting

You can get the LED lights to illuminate the trees and increase your garden and surroundings’ beauty. They are available with multiple design sizes. You can use them as decorative items in the vocations such as weddings, parties, events, etc. They often come with a bunch of fixtures with different color options.

Outdoor led lighting for gazebo

Spending time under the gazebo can become the memorable moments of your life. But to make it unique, you need excellent LED lights. They must be energy-efficient, bright, and available with an attractive design. And these LED lights complete all those requirements and aid in enhancing the beauty of your gazebo with a wide variety of options.

Outdoor led lighting for steps

The times such as parties, weddings, events, and other such celebrations can become more attractive with the help of outdoor LED lighting for steps. They serve two purposes primarily. First, they allow us to see the steps clearly in low light conditions, and they provide a beautiful look to the house and bring the festival look.

LED outdoor lights with remote

This type of outdoor light is operated with the remotes, and usually, the power supply will be from the batteries. They are easy to use and control by pressing the control button of the remotes. They are gaining more fame these days because of the numerous advantages it offers to the users. The outdoor LED lights with remote control become more useful when you have physically less capable people in the home. They can, with the help of remotes, control the entire lighting system with ease.

LED outdoor lighting string

The LED outdoor strings are more than essential for the celebrations. Since you need a lot of bulbs to decorate your surroundings, the choice of bulbs matters a lot if you want to reduce the energy bill. The LED bulbs illuminate more efficiently with less power consumption. These strings are used in many vocations to increase the beauty of the places.

LED outdoor lighting landscape

These types of LED lights are common these days. They serve multiple purposes at the same time. They enhance the aesthetic of your home and surroundings. It is the perfect investment if you are looking to get safety, entertainment, and beauty with a single investment.

LED outdoor lighting garden

If there is any place in your home built to increase the beauty of your home, it is the garden. To make gardens look fantastic, outdoor lightings for gardens are available. They are tiny in size and produce multiple colors to give your garden an excellent look.

LED outdoor garage lighting

The places like the garage and parking lot need efficient lights. And there are no other sources of light available at the current market, which is ideal than LED outdoor lights.

LED outdoor night lights

You can get the night lights for outdoor, which are made from the LED. They serve multiple purposes, and they are not made for any single-use. You can install them for decorating pavilions, gardens, fountains, pools, and many other such places.

LED outdoor lighting Christmas

December month is the most awaited month because you can find the lights all around you. If you want to make your home decoration stand out from the rest, these lights are essential. With these lights, you can decorate all your places.

LED outdoor lighting flood

Are you planning to spend the summer night by playing some games in your ground or backyard? Then the floodlights made of LEDs are the perfect choice for you. The reason is LEDs can produce maximum brightness with less power consumption. These lights are ideal for conducting sports under the lights.

LED outdoor lighting solar powered

The LED lights are also available with solar power. They collect the sunlight during the day and store and use that energy to produce the light during the night times. These are the best suitable types of LED outdoor lights in places where providing power through the wire is challenging. You can see these types of lights in many motion sensor lights.


Pros of LED Outdoor Lights

The invention of LED lights is a blessing for the entire humankind. When it comes to outdoor lighting, they are saving the money in a big way. They indeed look like expensive investments in starting, especially if you are installing several fixtures. But in the long run, you can find they save massively.

Low maintenance 

The amount of continued maintenance is very minimum in the outdoor LED lamps. Since LEDs offer an extended lifetime, you no need to invest your time and money to keep on changing the lights frequently. The quality LED lights won’t burn out like ordinary incandescent and CFLs. You can maximum see the reduction in the brightness level after giving at least 30,000 hours of usage. As a result, your to-do task during the weekend will become less.

Cold weather conditions

The cold weather is the time when your regular lights show its true quality. In the lower temperature, fluorescent bulbs consume high voltage to generate more brightness. But LED lights love this kind of climate, and consequently, they increase their performance with decreasing temperature. This quality of LEDs makes a perfect choice for outdoor conditions such as parking lots, wall packs, garden, and many such places.


The most beautiful thing about the outdoor LED lights is its lifespan. Due to this advantage, all other benefits co-relates to this. Of course, you need to pay more money to purchase LED lights than incandescent lights. But still, we say LEDs are economical. The reason is it provides way more durability than the regular bulbs. The math goes like this, suppose if you use the lighting for 8 hours a day under ideal conditions, do you know after how many years you need to replace it? It will burn for approximately 17 years! In terms of running hours, it gives at least 30,000 to 50,000 hours of light. You no need to get surprised even if they are illuminating even after 50,000 hours because some of them have given up to 1,00,000 hours lifespan! Additionally, they won’t usually lose their brightness over time.

LEDs don’t attract insects.

The problem in the outdoor conditions under lights is the insects. They usually get attracted to even small lights and give so much trouble if you are very close to them. But the fact is insects attract the UV lights more. But usually, LEDs won’t emit UV light; hence you cannot see a large number of insects near LED lights like you do in incandescent lamps.

Desired looks

The LED lights are versatile. Due to this quality, you can find different kinds of designs, patterns, sizes, and color options. That means you can decide the look and color of your outdoor lights. You can opt for any color or multiple color lights rather than seeing the same design and coloring in traditional bulbs. The LEDs are very good at creating a dramatic atmosphere in the outdoor conditions.

Pro nature

These days the environment is becoming one of the main concerns for our race. Global warming and increasing toxicity is causing a lot of problems. Hence, we must purchase eco-friendly products wherever possible. And the good news is that LED lights are more eco-friendly than CFL and incandescent.

Cons of LED outdoor lighting

High initial cost

The most significant disadvantage of LED lighting is the initial investment. You have to pay approximately four times more than traditional bulbs. And if you are trying to replace a lot of bulbs at once, it requires an incredibly tremendous amount of money. And you need to wait for many years to get your investment money back in terms of savings in energy bills. So, if you happen to install them in the places where you won’t use the light regularly, it takes even more time to recover your money. So, for this reason, it is better to install them where you use it most if you are trying to replace many bulbs at once.

Dependency on temperature

The performance of LED lights depends on thermal management properties. That means the lights are highly dependent on the temperature of the surrounding. Using the LED lights under the high temperature for long hours continuously may cause overheating and, consequently, the fixtures’ failures. To maintain a long life, you need to keep the adequate heat sink, and it may become problematic in the outdoor conditions.

How long do led outdoor lights last?

Well, since the LED lights are subject to the higher initial investment, it is the most common question. We always hear that LEDs are more efficient and durable, but if you are interested to know how much, then we have the right numbers.

An average LED outdoor light provides an extremely long-lasting lifespan. In terms of numbers, you can expect them to provide at least 50,000 hours of running. To give you a clear picture of how much more it is, they are approximately eight to ten times more than CFL, twenty to twenty-five times more than halogen, and fifty times more than the incandescent. If you use them for eight hours per day, it will take 17 years to replace them, and it would take 11 years if you burn them daily for 12 hours.

How are bright LED lights?

The indicator measures the light’s brightness called lumens. It helps to measure the amount of visible light a bulb or fixture emits. Unlike wats, it is a more scientific and accurate way to measure the brightness level. The reason is lumens denote the output of a light source. On the other hand, wattage is the mere input that a light source needs to illuminate.

The LED lights you can see in the home and indoors come with five to fifteen wattage capacity, and they can emit between 300-500 lumens. And the outdoor LED lights produce over 20,000 lumens.

How much power does an LED light use?

LED lights are the most efficient light-emitting sources in the current market. The difference between the traditional lamps and LEDs are enormous. To give an example, to produce 100 lumens per watt, an LED light uses around 5 to 9 watts. Wherein the halogen requires 42W to produce just 18.5 LPW.

How to install led outdoor lighting?

  • First, position all your outdoor fixtures by laying out the light fixtures and wirings.
  • Next, mount your low voltage light transformer.
  • Use the plastic pipes to create a solid base for your fixtures.
  • Utilize the weatherproof connectors to provide durability.
  • Ensure that your LED outdoor lights are straight.
  • Now conduct the test of every light you installed.

LED outdoor lighting manufacturers

The usage of LED lights is widespread. And as a result, many players have entered this industry. However, a few manufactures are gaining confidence and good remarks from the customers. Some of the brands are CREE, Nichia, Toyoda Gosei, OSRAM, and many more.


The advantages and applications of LED lights are uncountable. You can find them from the small indicator light to the floodlights. Hence, now we are not required to reiterate the need for LED lights usage. The benefits of outdoor LEDs are countless. Even though you need a considerable amount of investment to replace your old bulbs with LED outdoor fixtures, it is worth it, and you will see the difference in terms of light and cost after its usage. So, why wait? Get the right type of LED outdoor lights and witness the changes.

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