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LED Lamp Post Display Introduction

In these two years, LED lamp post display has become a segmented market for LED screens. As the application environment is different, the requirement for lamp post LED display is also different. Not to mention the intelligence and software, there are many different requirements, like high brightness more than 6,500 nits, high-temperature resistance, energy efficiency, lightweight, nice appearance, etc.

For LED lamp post display, its inside space is limited. The inside temperature could reach to above 70℃ during the operation. This is a very high application environment for electronic products. Therefore, how to control the inside temperature effectively has become an important part of this product.

There are 3 points we would like to introduce how to solve this problem:

  1. Make it with less heat. There are several aspects we could achieve, for instance, using a high conversion efficient power supply, adopting a common cathode display, choosing a big LED chip for an LED lamp, equipping brightness sensor to adjust the brightness automatically, powering off the display for a period of time rest with remote control, etc.
  2. Make it with good heat dissipation. Here are some points:

☛ Make sure the air inlet is big enough.

☛ Make sure the air outlet is also big. Besides, install many cooling fans. This could control the inside environment even the fans don’t work.

☛ Choose aluminum cabinets for better heat conduction.

☛ The cables inside the cabinet need to be straight, or neat.

3. Make it with high-temperature resistance. Here are also some tips:

☛ The control card should be with industrial-grade resistors and capacitors which could be high-temperature resistant.

☛ The cables inside the cabinet need to be special materials with high-temperature resistance.

LED Lamp Post Display Communication Methods:

☛ Supporting CAT5/6 cable, USB, SD card, 3G/4G, WIFI, RJ45, etc.

☛ Supporting auto and manual brightness adjustment.

☛ Supporting GPS and achieving real-time synchronization ads play.

LED Lamp Post Display Clustering Management Features:

☛ Easier wireless control. It is no need to use dynamic IP once it could be online, no matter using 3G, 4G, WIFI or other methods.

☛ Easier program release. It supports batch release, timed download, offline release, multiple formats, broadcast media, and so on.

☛ High-level security of file transfer. Only after the review of the operator that the contents and programs could be sent to the terminal. This improves safety.

☛ Detailed playback record. The system would record detailed playback for every terminal, like times, duration, etc. This could be more convenient for advertisers to inquire and provide proof for charging.

☛ Real-time monitoring of the LED lamp post display. There is a module to monitor the display for the system.

☛ Cluster management. It is much cheaper. In theory, it could support 5,000 terminals for maximum.

☛ Real-time synchronization. It could be achieved for all terminals of this function. This could make all LED lamp post displays show at the same time.

LED Lamp Post Display Summary:

LED lamp post display has become hot to bring a much more vivid atmosphere for the city’s lighting projects. With the above function and features, we believe the market for this product would become bigger.

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