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LED Lamp Importance to LED Display Screen

The most important part of an LED display screen is the LED lamp. Here are 3 points:

☛ The LED lamp is the part that occupies the most on an LED screen. For one square meter LED screen, there are tens of thousands of LED lamps.

☛ The LED lamp is the part to affect the optical display performance, which could bring audiences an impact on the LED screen.

☛ The LED lamp occupies the largest percentage of the total cost, from 30% to 70%.

So what effects that the LED Lamp could bring to an LED display screen? Here we would like to explain with 8 aspects:

  1. Angle of view:  The LED screen angle of view is decided by the LED lamp view angle. For SMD type applied widely now, it is with a big visual angle of view about 160° for horizontal and vertical.
  2. Luminance:  The LED lamp luminance is an important factor for the whole LED display brightness. The higher the LED light brightness, the bigger the current allowance. This is good for the LED display stability. Most suppliers would improve the LED display module current to make the brightness higher. Some even make this current value beyond that the LED lamp could bear. This would reduce the LED screen life span. Besides, the LED light attenuation would be much high around 30% in one single year.
  3. Failure rate:  As an LED display screen is composed of tens of thousands of red, green, blue LED lamps, it would influence the whole visual effect if any one of these color defects. Generally, the failure rate of an LED screen should be less than 1/10,000 from the assembling to the delivery.
  4. Antistatic:  The LED lamp is a semiconductor device. It is sensitive to static electricity. So it is very important for the antistatic capacity to the LED screen.
  5. Life span:  In theory, the LED lamp life could reach 100,000 hours, equivalent to 11 years. This is much longer than other parts like power supplies, control cards, etc. So the LED lamp could be one of the most durable parts of an LED display if it is with stable quality, appropriate current, good heat dissipation.
  6. LED light attenuation:  After a period of time operation, the luminance would get lower and a little different color for a whole LED display, which is caused by the LED light attenuation. The unconformity of red, green, blue LED lamp brightness would cause the unconformity of the whole LED display brightness. With the high-quality LED lamp, the rate of light attenuation would be low. Under the condition of the normal operation of 1,000 hours and 20mA, the attenuation of the red LED lamp should be less than 2%, while green and blue should be less than 10%. It is better to use 70%~80% rated current only of 20mA for these LED lamps when designing of the LED display module. Except for the LED lamp, the PCB heat dissipation, application environment would also have some impact on the light attenuation.
  7. LED lamp size:  The LED lamp size decides the pixel pitch or resolution. For instance, regarding the DIP type, 5mm LED lamp is mainly used for P16, P20, while 3mm is mainly used for P12, P10. For the SMD type, 3528 is used for indoor ones like P6, P8, P10, while 2020 is used for P2, P2.5, P3, P4, P5.
  8. Conformity:  The conformity of red, green, blue LED lamp brightness and wavelength decides the whole LED display brightness conformity. This is decided by the technical level of LED encapsulation suppliers.

Below are some photos of Nationstar LED encapsulation that we use for almost all outdoor projects:

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