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Driving during the night is a relaxing and exciting thing for many people. But the weather conditions significantly affect your experience. Especially during foggy days, your night vision will become blurry and reduces your visibility. It doesn’t matter how good and bright your headlight is; you still come across this problem.

This is not a small issue to leave since it can create a huge safety concern. When your vision becomes unclear and unable to see traffic lanes, traffic signs, other vehicles, etc., appropriately, it can seriously threaten your life.

1. What are LED fog lights?
2. Why LED fog lights?
3. Types of Fog Lights 
4. LED fog lights vs. halogen
5. What color is fog light best?
6. Questions for Fog Lights

But there is a better alternative to make your life easier. You can upgrade to fog LED lights and eliminate this risk. It helps you to see fog, heavy rain, dust, and drifting snow. They are more effective since many things help get better views, such as the location, positioning, beam shape, color, etc. The combinations of all these things help to see things clearly.

If you are confused about fog LED lights and their applications, benefits, and other vital things, you need to stay with us to know everything that matters.

What are LED fog lights?

The LED lights are being used in everything when it comes to lighting needs. So, the fog lights are also not an exception; people use LED fog lights to eliminate the low visibility in the winter days. The LED fog lights are more efficient, brighter, and consumes less power than your traditional lights.

They come with different lumens as well as kelvin capacities to cater to all your needs. They are used in cars, motorcycles, trucks, and other vehicles. They even used it as a decorative item to enhance the beauty of cars and other things.

LED fog light bulbs

LED fog light bulbs are available in different sizes and color options. The variety of options you can get in the current market is plenty, and the LED fog light bulbs are more durable than the traditional halogen and other bulbs. Of course, it costs you more in the initial state, but it proves to be cost-effective in the long run.

Laser fog light

If you install quality laser fog lights for your bike or four-wheelers, you can eliminate the problem of crashing into other vehicles or obstacles.

The laser fog lights provide a clear vision to you. The other drivers and riders can also see you from a distance, and it helps them hit from behind.

Swift fog light

The fog lights are nowadays designed for a particular model of car and bikes. As a result, you must provide attention to the compatibility before making the purchase. The swift fog lights are also available to provide a safety feature to your car during foggy days.

Fog light bar

Fog light bars come with more LED lights, and as a result, it provides better road visibility to the users. They can be mounted without many efforts, and it fits your cars perfectly.

It is a must product for the people who travel for a long distance frequently. It also increases the car’s aesthetic beauty, and you can use it for rally and off-road purposes.

LED fog lights strip

The best thing about LED fog lights is you can use for your safety concern and increase your vehicles’ beauty. Many vehicle lovers use the LED fog strips to provide a different look to their vehicles than getting a better vision.

These strips come with numerous tiny LED lights, and they often available in different color combinations. These lights are so versatile, and people use these strips to decorate their homes, offices, and other things.

The fog strips have a waterproof quality, and many modern fog strips can be controlled using a remote control.

Round LED fog lights.

The users’ need is multiple, and to cater to everyone’s need, there are numerous types of LED fog lights available in the current market. They are available in different sizes, different colors, shapes, and other features.

The round sized fog lights are more commonly used fog lights. The car owners loved this type of lights, and you can see these round shaped LED fog lights even in the sports cars.

Mini fog lights

If you want to get the advantages of fog lights but short of budget, you can grab the mini fog lights and improve your night visibility.

As the name says, these lights come within small dimensions, and consist of very few LED lights. However, they help provide more focused light and provide the sharp and intense lights for the next 150-300 feet range.

Ring fog light

Till now, we have seen many types of LED fog lights, and one can imagine the number of options a customer has when they try to select the best one as per their needs. When it comes to different shaped lights, you can get ring-shaped fog lights also. These ring fog lights are kept inside or outside the premises to provide continuous light without affecting the heavy snowfalls.


Why LED fog lights?

Well, there are many types of LED fog lights available with different shapes and colors. But leave about the options it brings to you, first; let us understand why to use fog LED lights? If you are wondering the same, let us look at the top benefits of it. 


The primary reason to use LED fog lights from a safety perspective. They provide better visibility in all weather conditions, and hence you can keep yourself and your passengers safe during your journey.

These lights allow other people to see you better. Consequently, the chances of colliding reduce significantly. Hence, if you want to protect you, your vehicle, and passengers from danger, LED fog lights are essential. 

Superior to halogen

The LED fog lights are better than halogen lights from all perspectives. They are more energy-efficient than halogen and give more hours of light. Besides, the primary intention of using fog light is to get better visibility during foggy conditions, and LED lights provide more clear visibility than halogens. 

Increases the beauty of vehicles

Even though the intention of using LED fog lights is to get better visibility in adverse conditions, many people use these lights to enhance the look of their vehicles. These lights are available in different colors, and they look fantastic at night if you select multiple colors, LED lights.

So, if you are bored with your vehicle look, you can add these lights and make them look different and better. 

LED fog lights are better than headlights


Even if you pay high and get the best quality of headlights, they always reflect fog and reduces your visibility. This is why the LED fog lights are used by many people and get better visibility to see traffic signs, lane markers, and other vehicles and objects. 


Types of Fog Lights

Car LED fog lights

The headlights of your vehicles always reduce the visibility if the fog comes into play. It is challenging for the car drivers to see the next 50 meters in heavy snowfall times. But if you install LED fog car lights, you can come out of this issue.

Multiple brands offer different colors, lumens, and shapes of LED fog lights to suit your needs. These LED lights are usually coming with a more significant number of bulbs inside the fixtures, and they will be bigger compared to motorcycle LED fog lights. 

Motorcycle LED fog lights.

The LED fog lights are available for motorcycle riders also with more vivid shapes and colors. You could see many people opt to install these lights on their motorcycles to increase visibility and get a stunning look for their vehicles. 

Projector fog lights

Car drivers use these lights to get a clear picture of the adverse weather conditions. The projector fog lights come with a big single bulb, and they almost look like your headlights. They are efficient enough to outperform the headlights even in normal conditions. It also comes with high and low beam intensity, and hence it doesn’t affect the visibility of oncoming drivers. 

Bike fog light 

The bike lovers love to go for rides even during the foggy days in the chilling weather. If you are one of them, you can install LED fog lights for bikes and make your ride more comfortable.

These lights are available to replicate the headlights and also to decorate your bike with different color combinations. Whatever may be your reason, you can get LED fog lights as per your needs. 

Fog lights for trucks

The need for better visibility is for everyone, and for trucks, it becomes more critical. If you make a small wrong moment while driving a truck, it will become a nightmare.

Hence, to save you from these difficulties, numerous brands are offering LED fog truck lights. They come with more lumens and gives clear visibility to truck drivers and other motorists. They usually provide over 10,000 lumens output. 


LED fog lights vs. halogen

When it comes to fog lights, you need to consider halogen and LED fixtures. In every aspect, LED lights are better and come with numerous advantages. So, let us look at the significant difference between these two lights. 


In the fog lights, the visibility is a major concern, and if you compare halogen and LED, the LED lights give better visibility. The halogen lights are more likely to reflect the fog, and it reduces the efficiency of light. On the other hand, LED lights won’t be affected by fog and give better clarity. 


The most significant advantage of LED lights is the lifespan. The halogen lights provide a lifespan of around 2,000 hours. The LED fog lights offer a life span of at least 25,000 hours, and in some cases, it can extend to 100,000 hours. 

Energy consumption and efficiency

LED lights require significantly fewer data than halogen, and they also need less energy to produce the same illumination level. 


LED lights offer more flexibility and can be configured as per different requirements. 



The initial cost is more in LED fog lights, and to procure halogen lights, you need a little money. But the energy efficiency, life span proves creates a massive difference between these two. You need to replace the halogen fog lights more often than LED fog lights. 


What color is fog light best?

The most commonly used fog lights are white and yellow. People often end up in confusion about choosing white or yellow. There are different other color options available, but these two are the preferred colors among them.

If you want to select the best among these two, yellow fog light is the best one since they provide enough visibility with its long wavelength and free from glare.

Yellow LED fog lights.

The yellow color fog lights are commonly used in the fog lights. The yellow color means you are getting 3,000 kelvins of lights. These lights are used because they penetrate for a long distance because of their long wavelengths. However, these are small than fog particles. Nonetheless, these lights help to increase visibility in adverse conditions.

Amber LED fog lights.

The amber LED fog lights are not as good as the other fog lights since they provide less kelvin, reducing the coverage. They produce slightly less white than 3,000-kelvin lights, and many users look to upgrade these lights with better visibility lights and make them look better.

Blue fog lights

The blue fog lights are used mostly to increase the beauty of the vehicles. Besides providing stylish looks, these lights give more than 6,000-kelvin brightness. These lights are usually used in cars and other small vehicles.

Purple fog lights

The purple color fog LED lights to produce more than 12,000-kelvin lights, and they are used in big vehicles. The wavelength of these lights is more, and you can see purple fog lights in big trucks. These lights penetrate more and help to provide excellent visibility.

Many people also use green fog lights and pink fog lights to provide a more luxurious and exotic look to their vehicles without compromising visibility

LED fog lights yellow vs. white

Before deciding which fog lights are better for you, you need to know the significant differences between these two-color variations—the main difference between these two lights in terms of light colors. The color difference comes because of the difference in its color temperatures.

The yellow LED fog light produces 2,000 to 3,000 kelvins, and on the other hand, white light produces from 5,000 to 6,000 and uses LED or HID bulbs. The high kelvin increases the intensity of the light. 

The brightness is another distinction point between these lights. Out of these, white light is brighter than yellow. Many people prefer yellow light to white because white lights are not friendly to human eyes. The yellow lights do not refract, and consequently, it won’t cause any glare. When it comes to the visibility on the road, yellow lights are preferable since they penetrate because of their longer wavelength. 

LED fog lights yellow vs. white

Before deciding which fog lights are better for you, you need to know the significant differences between these two-color variations—the main difference between these two lights in terms of light colors. The color difference comes because of the difference in its color temperatures.

The yellow LED fog light produces 2,000 to 3,000 kelvins, and on the other hand, white light produces from 5,000 to 6,000 and uses LED or HID bulbs. The high kelvin increases the intensity of the light. 

The brightness is another distinction point between these lights. Out of these, white light is brighter than yellow. Many people prefer yellow light to white because white lights are not friendly to human eyes. The yellow lights do not refract, and consequently, it won’t cause any glare. When it comes to the visibility on the road, yellow lights are preferable since they penetrate because of their longer wavelength. 


Questions for Fog Lights

Are LED fog lights legal?

There are different rules and regulations regarding the use of LED fog lights in other jurisdiction areas. In some countries, it is not allowed, and in some, it is mandatory. It is compulsory to fit rear LED lights for cars, and the front lights are optional. One should use the fog LED lights only in the cases where the visibility is inferior.

Can you use a light bar as fog lights?

Yes, you can use the LED light bars as fog lights for your vehicles. But for that, you need to consider a few points.

The first thing is you need to consider, the kelvin range; make sure the lights you are using have a kelvin range between 3,000 to 4,000. This will produce a yellow light and make it comfortable for driving on a rainy and foggy day.

Do not select the LED lights with 6,000 kelvins since it has more glare and causes other drivers.

How to install LED fog lights on a motorcycle?

First, collect everything you need. The LED kits, additional wires, adhesive or Velcro strip, 18- or 20-gauge electrical wire, screwdrivers, pliers, sandpaper, etc.

Before installing, test your LED lights. Mark the locations where you intended to use if the specifications are absent in the kit. Then decide the placement of your switch and attach the Velcro to LED strips. Then attach those strips to the motorcycle. You need to connect the button to your positive side of the battery and then connect to the ground.

In the next step, connect the positive LED strip wires to the switch and negative strip wires to your battery terminal’s negative part. You can get this done by following the steps mentioned in the user manual.

How to wire LED fog lights?

It doesn’t matter whether you already have fog lights are not. Installing a new fog light means you need to connect several wires. To know where each wire goes clearly, use the manual guide provided by the fog lights manufacturer.

Generally, there will be one power wire to connect to the on/off switch. This wire goes through the hole you made previously or through the firewall hole. It also comes with a ground wire. One end of this wire connects to the unpainted metal section under the dash, and another connects to the grounding terminal. There will be another wire connected to the fuse.

One end of this wire connects to the off/on switch, and the other end goes into the hood area to connect the battery and relay.

How to adjust led fog lights?

Fog lights work well if you mount them. It should be on or below the bumper and approximately 10 to 24inches above the surface. Or, you can place them anywhere between the headlights. You can adjust your fog light using the light’s hot spot as an alignment point.

How many lumens should fog lights be?

The brightness of LED lights is measured in terms of lumens. Usually, the LED lights are brighter than the traditional halogen lights.

In bad weather conditions, the LED lights perform better and provide clearer visibility of the road. A 5,000-lumen fog LED lights are enough to provide clear visibility in all kinds of bad weather conditions for the drivers.

They also don’t look too bright, so they are just enough to provide clear visibility, especially in foggy weather. Ideally, you can choose the yellow fog lights to get better visibility without any glare issues.

Which light is best for fog?

There are numerous types, brands, and shapes of LED fog lights are available in the current market. But when it comes to the best fog light, we can say that it is the yellow fog light. The yellow fog LED lights are designed to generate approximately 3,000 Kelvin color temperature, and it works best for fog lights. These lights give better visibility not only in fog but also in snowstorms, dust conditions.

How long do LED light bars last?

One of the main advantages of LED light bars is durability. In the mid-1990s, the first LED lights usage started, and since then, there are many improvements made to improve the brightness and durability of LED lights.

The increased efficiency and lifespan of LED light bars now provide from 30,000 hours to 60,000 hours. You can also find the LED lights lasting up to 100,000 hours!

Are LED lights bad for your eyes?

The common concern of people who use LED lights is whether LED lights cause damage to their vision. Several studies have proven that continuous exposure to LED lights affects adversely.

Many types of LED lights are there, and the blue LED lights may cause damage to the eyes. The reason is they have a very short wavelength than other colors of LED lights, and it is more dangerous and can cause damages to your retina and even disturb your sleep patterns.

However, all these adverse effects of LED happen only if you work continuously under LED lights, and since the probabilities of spending more hours under LED fog lights are less, it is safe to use.

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