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LED Display Manufacturer Selection

How to choose a suitable LED display manufacturer as your cooperation partner? — This is a common problem met by most clients, especially to those who are new to this field.

Here we would like to share with 4 tips on how to choose your right LED display supplier:

Pre-sales communication. As a professional LED screen manufacturer, he/she should know some basic knowledge of LED display. For instance, the difference between SMD and DIP type, the control methods, etc. Besides, specialized LED display screen manufacturers should know how to recommend clients the suitable type according to the project size, the installation spot, the viewing distance, the input sources to achieve, and other information. According to this period of communication, clients could get to know the LED video wall manufacturers they have been contacting, and whether to proceed further.

Price. This counts an important part of all products. Many people want to pay for less to get a perfect product. But does it really exist? Sometimes, such a situation really exists, for example, when an LED display manufacturer sells the stock item, and it happens that this stock is made with top quality raw materials for a heavy client. However, this is rare. What causes much price difference among LED video wall manufacturers is on LED lamps. Different LED encapsulation suppliers are at different price levels. For us, we insist on continually looking for a more competitive price with stable quality for our clients.

Spare parts. Most clients don’t consider the number of spare parts that the LED display manufacturer would provide based on the specific project. We suggest no matter who you would purchase from, it is better to consider this point. This is very important especially the distance is far. If there are some defective parts, clients would like to replace good ones immediately, but not to wait for LED wall manufacturers to send from China, as this takes many days at least 5 days. If the supplier doesn’t have the parts available, then they need to make, which takes another 7 days generally. Based on our experience, we provide all clients at least 3% spare parts FOR FREE CHARGE (including LED module, power supply, cooling fan, control card) according to the specific project. And during the operation, clients could send back to us to repair if any defective parts.

After-sales service. This is really difficult to judge, as you could know LED display panel manufacturers more only after you purchase from them. We have met many clients who couldn’t get their LED screens repaired from other LED display manufacturer even it is still within the warranty period. In Dreamway, no matter whether the clients only purchased one time only, or many times, we treat all of their problems as the most urgent thing to solve. Once receiving the feedback from our clients, we would reply in 1 hour during our work time, and 12 hours during non-working time. It is because of the excellent service that we have developed more and more regular clients. So this is very important for an LED display manufacturer.

Here are some examples from our clients saying to us:

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