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Interactive LED Floor Introduction:

An interactive LED floor, also a part of the LED dance floor, is a kind of creative digital display to be combined with the stage or showroom. With the modular design, it has been widely applied with floor, ceiling, T-stage.

How does an interactive LED floor work? Here comes the principle: The specially treated video source would show via LED display specific software and HDMI/DVI signal output. Then connect to the main controller via signal cable, and connect to signal distributor with optic fiber or network cable to show complete screen. During the interaction between the interactive dance floor and audience, the position sensor in the LED floor panels would detect the interaction point of the audience. The positioning controller of the interactive LED dance floor would pass this interaction point to the control PC of the LED floor. Once the control PC receives the position coordinates, the software could invoke different programs and videos by itself. So the interactive LED floor makes corresponding real-time changes.

What are the differences between the interactive LED floor and regular LED floor? Here are 3 points:

  1. Different control software:  For an interactive LED floor, it not only needs to show contents but also receives the interaction points from the LED floor. While for a regular LED floor, it needs to show only, no need to receive other signals.
  2. Different data transmission direction:  There is data postback for an interactive LED floor, which is a two-way transmission. For a regular LED floor, it is a one-way transmission.
  3. Different functions of the display:  An interactive LED floor needs to sense, collect and pass the interaction points of the audiences except showing contents, while a regular LED floor shows only.

LED Floor Features:

☛ Strong vibration resistance and good slip resistance. This makes sure that the actors could dance on it and no need to worry about slipping.

☛ High load-bearing level. An LED floor could support a car to roll on it. One single force bearing point could bear about 2 tons (2,000 kg).

☛ With PC composite material masks, the LED floor is ultraviolet-proof and could be exposed to the sun. It doesn’t reflect light, so the displaying effect is perfect.

☛ Good waterproof. Water could be flushing directly for the outdoor LED floor, while a wet towel could be used to scrub the indoor LED floor.

☛ Fast and easy installation. It is no need to use tools to install, or rail installation.

☛ It could be used either as an LED floor or stage LED screen if stacked.

☛ It could be also used as an interactive LED floor with the sensor.

☛ Front service. With the handle to be fixed on the LED floor, clients could take out LED floor panels easily from the front.

LED Floor Types:

There are many types of LED floor, like P5.2, P6.25, P8.9, etc. For the LED floor panel, it is the modular size with W 500 x H 1000 mm, about 24 kg/pc.

With the advantages and features of the interactive LED floor, it would be used more widely in the future.

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