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For a digital LED screen, there would be dust inside and outside the LED panel after a period of time operation. In order not to affect the displaying of the RGB LED screen, we need to clean LED screen surface with water or water with LED cleaner liquid. Please pay much attention that it could be only the surface of the LED screen. And during cleaning, please be careful and not to put the water on the back of LED modules.

Then how to clean LED screen?

First, please get ready for LED cleaner liquid needed for LED screen and professional equipment:

  • LED cleaner liquid: It has the features of environmental protection, dust extraction, LED screen damage-free, etc. It is the perfect choice to replace chemical cleaner.
  • LED screen repairing additive: It has many advantages. For example, it has the functions of polishing and repairing, and make the LED screen as brand-new. Besides, it has features of anti-static, dustproof, rust protection. The PH value is 7.5, and it is harmless to the LED screen.
  • Professional equipment: Coating machine, airbrush, brush for cleaning, etc.
  • Cleaning platform: It is OK to build a scaffold, steel frame, hanging basket, hydraulic aerial cage to clean LED screen.

After getting prepared of the above items, here come the steps of how to clean screens:

☛ Dust removal. The direction of extracting dust should be the same, like from the left to the right, or from the right to the left. Using the professional airbrush to clean the dust of the LED module surface. And it could be cleaned many times if the LED screen has been used for many years.

☛ Cleaning. Use a coating machine to spray LED cleaner liquid to the surface of the LED display module for the initial cleaning.

☛ Second-time dust removal. Use the airbrush to reclean the dust on the LED screen module. Please pay attention that the airbrush used this time needs to be cleaned after the 1st step to avoid second-time pollution. Or you could use a new airbrush to clean on this step.

☛ Second-time cleaning. Spray the LED cleaner liquid to the surface of LED modules to clean again and clean up the dust left after the above step of second-time dust removal. If it is not so much dirt on the surface of LED modules, then it is OK to use water to spray. Please note that the direction should be the same, like from the top to the below, or from the left to the right side.

☛ Drying. If the temperature, humidity, wind speed is suitable, it is OK to let the LED screen by itself. If the temperature is low and the humidity is high, you could use an air gun to blow dry the screen. Make sure the air pressure is below 3 kg.

The above information explains how to clean LED screen and some tools needed. If you would like to know more information about this aspect, welcome to contact us.

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