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COB LED Definition:

What does COB stand for? According to Wikipedia, COB is the abbreviation of the chip on board. It is a kind of manufacturing where integrated circuits are wired and bonded directly to a printed circuit board, with LED lamps in the front and drive ICs at the back to make up a COB LED module. Then such LED module COB composes an LED display.

The COB LED encapsulation gathers the upstream of LED chip technology, midstream of encapsulation technology and downstream of display technology. As a result, COB LED display could be applied widely based on the upstream, midstream and downstream close cooperation.

Here are some advantages of COB LED:

R&D: There is no diameter of per single LED, and it could be made even more micro in theory.

Technical craftsmanship: COB LED holder cost is reduced, the production process is simplified, the LED chip thermal resistance is lowered, high-density packaging is achieved.

Project installation: It is much more convenient and faster to install of COB LED module.

6 Features as follows:

  1. Ultra slim: PCB boards with 0.4mm ~ 1.2mm thickness could be adopted according to clients’ requirements. This makes the weight lighter than about 1/3 compared with traditional LED displays. As a result, it could help to lower down the cost of transportation and project steel structure.
  2. Anticollision and crush resistance: For the COB LED, it is to encapsulate the LED chip on the PCB board, then solidify with an epoxy resin glue. The surface would convex as a sphere, making it anticollision.
  3. Big view angle: The view angle is about 180°.
  4. Good heat dissipation: The COB LED is to encapsulate the LED lamp on the PCB board. It could dissipate the heat easily with the copper foil on the PCB. Besides, the thickness of the PCB copper foil is strictly demanded. Adding immersion gold technology, there is no severe luminance attenuation. So it could prolong the life span of the LED display.
  5. Easy to clean: It is enough to use water and cloth to clean the COB LED if there is dust.
  6. It is waterproof, damp proof, anticorrosion, dustproof, anti-static, anti-oxidation. Besides, it could work perfectly even it is under -30℃ or above +80℃.

Although COB LED has the above advantages, there are some technical problems need to be solved:

☛ The passing rate is low for one-time encapsulation. And the maintenance cost is high.

☛ The homogeneity of the COB LED display is not as good as that of the SMD LED display.

☛ The COB LED at the moment still needs solid crystal and wire solder craftsmanship, which brings many problems during this process.

☛ The production cost is much higher than the SMD type due to a high failure rate.


Although COB LED technology has achieved many breakthroughs, SMD LED is still widely applied in P1 or above types. We could say the COB LED display is made only for P1 or below pixel pitch types. And the COB LED could be applied more in the future.

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