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An LED stands for light-emitting diodes. It is among the latest in technological innovations related to screening display. It makes use of LEDs behind the screen as the source of light. LEDs are brighter and more energy-efficient than an LCD screen that uses a CCFL backlight. They are also a lot smaller that helps in producing thinner screens like never before. Since LEDs are very bright so the display doesn’t get marred even in broad daylight. That is the reason LEDs are extensively used in signboards and advertising boards throughout the world. Let’s take a deeper look at this technology here and get to know it better.

1. What is an outdoor LED display?
2. What will be the upcoming growth trend in the outdoor LED display market?
3. What are the major challenges faced by the outdoor LED display market?
4. Where can we use LED screen and display
5. Benefits of outdoor advertising screens
6. Why P10 and P6 are the most popular types of outdoor LED screen display?
7. How do I buy an outdoor LED display from China?
8. FAQs

What is an outdoor LED display?

Outdoor LED displays are used for advertising, promotion, and informative purposes. You can install them easily almost anywhere and they will do their job effectively. You can use them 24/7. They consume less electricity, have a long life, low-maintenance and are eco-friendly. They are available in a variety of sizes and you can also make one according to your custom needs. You can make one giant billboard, signboards, advertising banners, LED boards, LED video walls, perimeter LED boards, with the help of LED screens.

What will be the upcoming growth trend in the outdoor LED display market?


The outdoor LED display market is poised to grow at a robust speed. It is estimated to be worth around US$22.4 billion by the year 2024. That’s a CAGR of over 20% from 2016-2024.

Many factors are fueling this growth. For starters, companies prefer to advertise their brands and products through LED displays, smart billboards with wireless connectivity and easily changeable content are a rage nowadays. Similarly, 3D technology is being employed in LED displays for a more immersive and personal viewing experience. Motion sensor technology and interactive displays are also making their mark. The demand for high resolution displays for showcasing anything like advertising in perimeter boards in a stadium, musical concert, traffic updates on roads, live sporting events, exhibitions will contribute to the growth of the LED display sector. The continuous technological advancements in this sector will mean crisper, clearer, and livelier displays in the future. So, just like the display LEDs, the future is very bright for this sector.

What are the major challenges faced by the outdoor LED display market?

Despite all its success and potential growth, the LED display market is not without its share of challenges. Here, we briefly discuss some of the more important ones.

Unstable supply of raw materials: An LED screen is made of several electronic components. It is difficult to produce all of them in the same country. When you have to import from other countries difficulties arise. From ensuring fair quality to optimum quality to coping with fluctuation in forex rates to import tariffs. All these factors combine to make the procurement of raw materials difficult to manage.

Capital: LED manufacturing involves huge capital. It is not always to raise one on your own. If you go to a bank, it will imply interest payments. This will affect your cash flows and profit margins.

Changes: Any change in policy, leadership, the political situation both at the local and international levels can affect your business negatively. It can even come to a grinding halt.

Technological innovation: LED manufacturing is technologically intensive. There is a race going on to beat your competitor at the cutting edge of technology. As a manufacturer, it will be a challenge for you to keep up with all the new changes. It might involve the injection of new funds or training the old staff or hiring a new one.

Logistics: Transporting LEDs from one place to another involves a great deal of caution. They have to be securely packed to withstand shocks and jerks. Even a crack can ruin the entire screen, what to talk of a broken one.

Rules of import: As an importer of LEDs you have to comply with the local import laws. This includes getting an import permit, paying import duties, transportation cost, and custom clearing charges. Sometimes a slight change in rules can throw your estimates out of the window.

Customization: As a manufacturer, you have to fully adhere to your customer’s demands. There are no standard specifications here. You have to do everything like screen size, the density of pixels, color specification, aspect ratio, and resolution, etc. according to every customer’s individual needs. Plus, the added pressure to continue to innovate and excel.

Low profits: There is stiff competition going on among the LED manufacturers. While this is good news for the consumer the producer may suffer because of low-profit margins. This precludes entry of new players and leads to grouping.

Expensive labor: You require skilled and competent labor to produce LEDs and they come at a price. This is particularly problematic as the margins of profit continue to squeeze.

Ideal location: Everybody wants the best placement of its LED screens for promotional purposes. The best spots are few and far between. This results in a rising price of prime locations and unhealthy competition among the brands to get the best spot.

Rental screens: The rental LED screens face a lot of wear and tear because they change locations and this consequently reduces their life and performance.

Where can we use LED screen and display?

LED screens and displays can be used at many points and places. Some of the popular ones are given below;

Outdoor advertising LED display

The most important use of LED displays is for advertisement purposes. This includes billboards, banners, perimeter boards, boards, signboards, etc. They can be installed at various locations of choice.

Outdoor rental LED display

It is the same as outdoor advertising with the only difference that their location is not permanent. They can be installed and uninstalled at various locations as per requirement.

Outdoor transparent LED display

Transparent LED display is an innovation of recent times. It lets viewers see things behind the screen as well. This has become possible due to the material, structure, and design of the display screen. It is not 100% transparent, the transparent rate is around 50-95%. The thickness is around 10mm. It is just like a glass.

Outdoor LED stage display

LEDs have become quite popular for stage productions. People in the back seats can now see the action on stage thanks to these screens. They are usually large and very bright to produce a visible image. They are used in entertainment events and art exhibitions.

Outdoor LED sports display

Like entertainment events, LEDs have become very popular to broadcast sporting events too. They are installed inside and out of the sporting arenas to bring spectators closer to the game. Their installation has helped rekindle the interest in live sporting events.

Outdoor digital display

Outdoor digital displays are used for a variety of purposes. They can be installed on roads to provide traffic updates, in airports and railway stations to give information about trains and airplanes’ schedule and in sports to display scorecard. The uses are multiple and varied and you can use it for your advantage.

Outdoor LED video display

In such kinds of displays, a video is run on a loop on a large screen. Usually, the video is of an educational or informative nature. You can install it at any event to give information to the visitors, on election day telling people how and where to vote or videos that give useful information on health, social issues, etc. to the general public.

Outdoor full color LED display

What is life without colors? From the time first black and white image surfaced man had been striving to convert it to colors. Once that was accomplished, the race is on to bring colors as close to real-life as possible. LEDs are no exception. They take pride in reproducing colors on screen as close to nature as possible. They look attractive and capture your attention.

Outdoor HD LED display

In a quest for excellence, the color display went from better to best and the journey is ongoing. HD display is one such example. HD, of course, stands for high definition. HD has a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. Full HD has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It doesn’t stop here and goes further to UHD, OLED, etc. These are especially helpful where you have to showcase products like jewelry, clothes, etc.

Benefits of outdoor advertising screens

There are numerous benefits to using outdoor advertising screens. We list down the important ones below;

Eye-catching: The first and foremost is that the LED advertising screens are attention-grabbing. Their crisp, colorful and sharp images are very appealing. You are instantly drawn towards them.

Eco-friendly: Unlike flex, paper, or clothing banners there aren’t any harmful chemicals used in producing LEDs. You also save a lot of trees because LEDs don’t require organic elements for production.

Energy-efficient: LEDs consume very low voltage and they produce very striking results. This saves electricity. You get a very bright image at a very cost.

Low-maintenance: LED screens are almost maintenance-free and can withstand weather adversaries too. You will see them displaying their imagery in the rain and intense sunlight.

Changing content: You can change the content of an LED advertising screen quite easily. This means you can run multiple campaigns of the same brand simultaneously. This gives variety to the viewer and he doesn’t feel bored with seeing the same campaign again and again.

Technological advantage: With the availability of 3D, UHD, interactive technology, and touch screens you can use them to create impactful advertising. You no longer have to rely on a boring and dull image of a model flashing your product. Blend your imagination with technology to create magic.

Operate from anywhere: You can control multiple screens with an internet connection from anywhere. This gives you complete command and control over the content of the advertising and it is easily operable.

Flexibility: It is very easy to change the content of the LED screen as well as to change the location of the screen. You can do so either with very little effort. It allows you great freedom to play with it.


Why P10 and P6 are the most popular types of outdoor LED screen display?

P10 and P6 are both LED screen types. The pixel pitch of P10’s display is 10mm and for P6 it is 6mm. They are both very popular when it comes to outdoor advertising. We list down some of the reasons why;

Viewing experience: The primary reason for their popularity is that they both have a perfect viewing distance. You can view their output very clearly from a distance of 6-10 meters. This makes them ideal for outdoor advertising.

Economical: They are both not so expensive. The smaller pixel pitch is a little higher in price but still affordable and won’t break your bank account.

Brightness: Both P10 and P6 offer very bright output. Their brightness is around 7000 CD/Sqm that makes them perfect for outdoor advertising.


How can I install an outdoor LED display?

An LED display can be installed in several different ways. We present to you some of the popular ones below;

On a single or double poles: This is a simple installation where LED is installed on single or two columns for displays. A single column is used for a small screen size while the double column is used for a larger screen.

Hanging: You can also hang a LED both inside and outside depending on your need. The panel of the LED should be made for hanging purpose and the LED should itself be lightweight. The wind factor must be taken into consideration before installation.

Embedded type: An LED can also be embedded in a wall. You need to be mindful that you won’t be able to perform any maintenance from behind the LED once it is embedded into the wall.

Mounted type: Another option is that you mount the LED on the wall. In this way, you can do maintenance work on the behind of the LED. It is a very common type of LED installation.

Other types: Other types of LED installations are

  • On the rooftop
  • On a mobile van
  • F type installation where the LED is hung from a side of the pole resembling the letter F.
  • Portal gantry type where an LED is installed on two poles across a street, road, or specific area.

How do I buy an outdoor LED display from China?

For all your LED requirements from China Shenzhen Dreamway Technology Co. Ltd., should be your top choice. We are a reliable indoor and outdoor LED manufacturer from China. We provide you with all the high-tech and latest LED screens and associated paraphernalia to fulfill your needs and stay ahead in the competition. We provide peerless quality with an unmatched price. Our staff is professional and highly trained to take care of your business requirements. We will customize your LED screen at the most competitive price. We will produce your order in the minimum possible type and you won’t hear of delayed shipments from our side.

Sourcing other companies from China

China is a manufacturing hub and produces anything from a nail to a ship. You can search for LEDs from China through personally visiting China or browsing through b2b Chinese e-commerce sites. There are trade fairs taking place all over the year in China. Some fairs are general while others are industry-specific. You can choose either and pay a visit. Usually, industry-specific fairs are more beneficial as manufacturers prefer to go there.

As for hunting LED factories online, the most popular resource is Alibaba.com. Then there is made-in-china.com. Globalresources.com is also a good option. They are easy to use and reliable e-commerce sites. You will have to register yourself before contacting any supplier/manufacturer. While some suppliers are verified and the websites vouch for their quality, for others you will have to guard yourself against fraud and wrongdoing.

You can also engage an agent who will search the right company for you and make sure you get the right product and the right price. He will charge you a commission for his service.


Q: What is the best outdoor advertising LED screen manufacturing company in China?

A: It is hard to single out one particular company. Each company has its distinct advantage and ranks higher from the other in one way or the other. For example, it can be price, technology, quality, or the fastest delivery. You have to select the one that perfectly matches your needs to work with it.

Q: Can an indoor LED be used outdoors?

A: No it is not advisable to do so. Even if you do use it, you will not get the same performance as you did inside. So, choose what you want carefully to avoid inconvenience.

Q: How do I repair an outdoor LED display?

A: Unless you are technically sound and know the electronic component of the LEDs do not attempt any repair on your own. Hire a technician who will find the cause and repair it. You can try to ascertain the cause of the problem and attempt re-booting. Sometimes the problem is resolved by mere re-booting.

Q: Will cold weather affect the lifespan of LED lights operating outside?

A: No, it won’t. Cold, hot, or harsh climate won’t affect the working of the LED lights. They are manufactured keeping in view the hostilities of weather. This adds to their durability and is one of the reasons for their widespread use and popularity.

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