Screen LED Outdoor Advertising Introduction

For this project, it is LED display P6 for outdoor advertising. The LED lamp adopted is Nationstar brand, SMD2727 type. It is with high brightness, about 7,000 nits by testing with the luminance colorimeter. For PCB, it is with 1.6mm thickness, covered with much copper foil. The quality is much stable. The LED screen size of this SMD LED screen is W 6.144 x H 3.072 meters, with total resolution W 1024 x H 512 pixels.

It is composed of W 8 x H 4 pcs P6 outdoor LED panel, with each one W 768 x H 768 mm. The cabinet used is galvanized iron materials, not easy to get rusty even the LED screen is installed near the sea. The P6 LED module is with W 32 x H 32 dots, and the size is W 192 x H 192 mm. The power supply used for this screen LED outdoor P6 is the Taiwan Meanwell brand, RSP series, with CE/UL/CB standard. And Linko brand power and signal connector are used to connect between cabinets for an easy and fast connection.

As regards to the control system, Novastudio software is used for this screen LED outdoor display. It is synchronization control with the control PC. And video processor is equipped to get HDMI, DVI, VGA input signals. As to power, a power distribution box is added to control the whole circuit and to bring much more convenience for clients during installation. An OBO brand lightning arrester is equipped inside the power box to protect the screen LED outdoor from damaging of thunder.

As usual, this LED display screen was aging in all white, red, green, blue colors in turn and videos together before the delivery. Before the package, all LED panels were tested one by one again and were inspected inside and outside for every detail.

Below are some photos of this screen LED outdoor P6:

There are some points needed to be paid attention to during the installation from this LED screen outdoor project:

Lightning protection measure: From the above description, you could know that a lightning arrester is needed for LED screen outdoor projects. This is to protect the LED screen from a strong electromagnetic attack caused by thunder and lightning.

Waterproof measure: For our LED panel, it is waterproof at the front and the back. Clients could install directly and don’t need to make the cover at the top. But if there is much rain at some period, we still suggest clients could check the inside of the LED panels at times.

Ventilation measure: As there is much heat during the operation of the screen LED outdoor, it is very important to make sure the ventilation of the LED screen. It is a good idea to install air conditioners behind the LED screen.

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