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Dreamway | Your Taxi LED Display Supplier

If you are planning to do an advertisement on your taxi roof, you are in the right place.

Dreamway can be your reliable taxi LED display supplier:

  • More than 7 years of experience in research and development of taxi LED display.
  • Special design to achieve a nice-looking shape. Our screens are very thin, only about 16 cm at the thickest.
  • Safety features for all our taxi LED display screens.
    3mm thickness of galvanized iron material is adopted for the base.
    This ensures that the taxi top LED display is fitted perfectly, so no need to worry about the screen falling off when the taxi is in motion.
  • Stable operation is taken into account during the design stage.

The screw fixing agent is added to every screw to ensure stability even when the car is running. Taxi LED display installation is not difficult. You can successfully install yours within 4 minutes. We also offer you a taxi top LED display software for a seamless operation FREE OF CHARGE.



Technical Specifications:

Pixel Pitch (mm) Resolution (dots/m²) LED Type LED Module Size (mm) Brightness (nits) LED Screen Size (mm, each side) Power Consumption (Maximum)
5 40,000 SMD2727 W 320 x H 160 5,000~6,000 W 960 x H 320 800 W/PC
5 40,000 SMD2727 W 320 x H 160 5,000~6,000 W 960 x H 320 270 W/PC

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