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Dreamway LED screens have different Pixels for outdoor purposes ranging from P2.5 to P16.
The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution per square meter.
If you want to display more static images than videos, you can apply the small pitch outdoor LED digital signage.

It takes 3~5 days aging of the whole LED screen.
Sometimes, the time lasts 7 days or more.
This process is basic but important to make stable-quality LED video walls.



Dreamway is one of the best outdoor LED display manufacturers that provide high-quality products:

  • High-end LEDs of Kinglight and Nationstar are used.
  • High brightness above 5,500 nits in general, which ensures fantastic viewing effects when facing strong direct sunlight.
  • IP65 waterproof protection grade outdoor LED screens are used.
  • Stable and easy connection between the two cabinets with the use of 100% water-tight power and signal connectors.
  • Auto-brightness adjustment to make sure your outdoor LED advertising display operates in a perfect luminance all the time.
  • Every outdoor LED panel is well treated with waterproof glue before the package, mainly at the inside of the location pins.
  • Enough time for aging and testing before the delivery.

Technical Specifications:

Pixel Pitch (mm) Resolution (dots/m²) LED Type LED Display Module Size (mm) Brightness (nits)
2.5 160,000 SMD1415 W 160 x H 160 5,500
3 111,111 SMD1921 W 192 x H 192 5,500
4 62,500 SMD1921 W 256 x H 128 5,500~6,500
5 40,000 SMD2727 W 320 x H 160 5,500
6 27,777 SMD2727 W 192 x H 192 5,500~7,500
8 15,625 SMD3535 W 256 x H 128 5,500~9,500
10 10,000 SMD3535 W 320 x H 160 6,000
16 3,906 SMD3535 W 256 x H 256 6,500

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