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What is an LED poster?

The LED poster display is an advertising machine with cutting edge advanced technology.
Dreamway, as Indoor & Outdoor LED Poster manufacturer, started the production of the custom LED poster in 2017.
Over the last 2 years, Dreamway's technology and product design have evolved into a more efficient form.

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Here are some features of Dreamway indoor LED poster:

  • There are 2 types, LED poster P2.5 / P3.
    For P2.5, the LED screen size is W 640 x H 1920 mm, while the P3 is W 576 x H 1920 mm.
  • Easy operation.
    This does not only reflect on the installation, but also on the operation of LED poster software. The control methods use 4G/WIFI/USB.
  • Portable.
    Because of its lightweight and special design, it is portable.
  • Flexibility.
    It allows several LED poster signs for a complete LED display.
  • Different installation methods.
    It is supported by an LED poster stand that can be installed in an upright or hanging position.

Technical Specifications:

Pixel Pitch(mm) Resolution (dots/m²) LED Type LED Module Size(mm) Brightness (nits) LED Screen Size(mm) Control Method
2.5 160,000 SMD2020 W 160 x H 160 700~1,300 W 640 x H 1920 4G / WIFI / USB
3 111,111 SMD2020 W 192 x H 192 700~1,300 W 576 x H 1920 4G / WIFI / USB

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