P4 Indoor LED Display Project Introduction

For this project, there are more than 30 units in total, which were installed in the subway station in Israel. The LED videowall cabinet is front maintenance type, with hydraulic levers to open, which is convenient during the maintenance. Such design is mainly applied in the location where there is no space at the back, like on the wall.

For this indoor LED display P4, the screen size is W 0.768 x H 1.024 meters, with the LED screen resolution W 192 x H 256 pixels. The LED display module of the P4 type is W 256 x H 128 mm. For LED lamp type, it is SMD2121 black. The PCB board adopted for this P4 LED video wall is 1.6mm thickness, stable quality. The power supply is Meanwell LRS-200 type, with CB/UL standard, fanless. Each LED cabinet is equipped with 3 pcs power supplies. And the power and signal connector is the CNLinko brand. Such connectors are for easy and convenient connection of power and signal cables.

For this P4 indoor LED display, it is controlled with WIFI. The control card is Novastar T3, while the receiving card is MRV328. Each LED panel is with 2 pcs receiving cards, which could improve the refresh rate. For this P4 indoor LED display, the refresh rate is about 1,920Hz.

It took at least 4 days of aging of this P4 screen in our factory. During the aging, it showed in all white, red, green, blue colors in turn. Besides, some static images and videos were inserted to play. This is the standard aging and testing procedure, making sure minor problems like cold soldering of LED lamps or drive ICs could come out before the delivery, and our engineers could solve them here.

Here are some photos in details of aging and testing of this P4 indoor LED display in the factory:

Before the package, we inspected all details inside and outside this P4 indoor LED display and tried to make every detail much more perfect. For instance, the screw fixing agent is added on the screws, in case that the cables would loosen during the long-time trip to get to clients. Making sure all cables are connected in a neat shape. This would make the appearance much more nice-looking. The last step is to put desiccant inside the plywood cases, which could protect the LED screen from being affected with damp. And clients get the goods in a perfect situation without non-working LED lamps.

P4 Indoor LED Display Conclusion:

Nowadays, as small pitch LED displays are becoming more and more popular, some regular indoor LED display types are not produced anymore, like P10, P7.62, P6. For P5 and P4 indoor types, they are still applied for some projects because of the relatively high resolution compared with P6 or above, and the much more competitive price than small pitch types. Anyway, clients would always find a suitable type to meet their requirements.

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