Outdoor LED Wall Project Introduction:

This P6 outdoor LED screen wall was finished in 2016 in India. The whole LED panel screen size is W 7.68 x H 3.072 meters, with the screen resolution W 1280 x H 512 pixels.

The LED type used is SMD3535, with Kinglight brand LED encapsulation. The PCB is with 1.6mm thickness, good heat dissipation. For the P6 outdoor LED wall display module, it is with 32×32 dots, 192×192 mm. And it is composed of W 40 x H 16 pcs LED modules for this video wall LED display.

According to the Indian bureau regulation, BIS certificate is needed if the LED panel size is more than 32″. Because of this, the cabinet size of this outdoor LED wall was made with 384×384 mm, about 21.5″ diagonal size. It is with iron waterproof cabinet with a back door, IP65 protection grade. It weighs about 8KG per cabinet. It consists of W 20 x H 8 pcs cabinets for this seamless video wall. Each LED panel is equipped with 1 pc power supply of 5V40A, 1 pc cooling fan and 1 pc receiving card. Besides, Linko brand power and signal connectors are equipped for convenient connection during the installation.

For this outdoor LED wall, it was aging about 16 days before the package. During the aging, it showed in all white, red, green, blue colors in turn. Besides, videos and static images were also inserted for aging. This is a good method to find out minor problem occurred during the production, like cold soldering of LED lamps or drive IC. Once such a problem comes out, we would put a small sign on the defective LED lamp and our engineer would repair, then it would be aging again.

Before the package, all cabinets were disassembled. And we inspected outside and inside in a detailed way. During this process, the screw fixing agent would be added on the screws in case cables would loosen during the transportation. Besides, all cables need to be connected in a neat way. This could leave a good impression on clients.

10 pcs cabinets were put in 1 pc plywood case for this outdoor LED wall. For such a project, plywood cases are used for package, and the EPE form is put inside for a better package. This could avoid damage during transit.

Below are some package photos of this outdoor LED wall:

Some Points to Pay Attention during Installing Outdoor LED Wall:

For the outdoor LED wall, it is important to make the steel structure to support it. Because of an unexpected typhoon or other severe environments, the steel structure needs to be designed according to the standard of withstanding 10 class typhoon. Besides, it should be also anti-seismic. This could protect the LED wall from falling down and hurt passers-by.

To prevent thunder or lightning from damaging the outdoor LED wall, we suggest clients could install lightning arresters to avoid this problem.

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