For an outdoor LED display, it is very important to make sure it is waterproof, high-temperature resistance, against typhoons, lightning-proof, etc. This is decided by the bad outdoor environment.

P8 Outdoor LED Display Project:

This is a project finished in 2019 in Israel. The total order quantity is about 37 square meters. For this outdoor LED display project, it is with the LED display length of 3.072 meters, and the height of 2.048 meters. The total screen resolution is with W 384 x H 256 pixels.

For this P8 outdoor LED display advertising, Nationstar LED is adopted. And the PCB is 1.6mm thickness, with much copper foil covered. This is better for heat dissipation.

The P8 outdoor LED module size is W 256 x H 128 mm, with W 32 x H 16 dots. The thickness of this LED module is about 18 mm, weighing 0.35 kg per piece.

For this project of P8 outdoor LED display panels, they are W 1024 x H 1024 mm, with each W 128 x H 128 pixels. The LED panels are iron waterproof cabinets with back doors, with an IP65 protection grade. Each LED display panel weighs about 42 kg, with 145mm thickness.

Each LED panel is equipped with 4 pcs Meanwell RSP-320-5 power supplies, 4 pcs cooling fans, 1 pc MRV330 receiving card. The refresh rate is 1,920 Hz. The max. power consumption per LED panel is about 1.1 KW.

For this P8 outdoor LED display, it was aging and testing for 6 days. During the aging process, it is with all white, red, green, blue colors and videos and images in turn to test the stability of LED modules and whole LED display, including parts like power supplies, cables, etc.

Before the package, we inspected outside and inside these outdoor LED display panels and tested again in all white, red, green, blue colors, to make sure the cables connection is neat and everything is fine. Besides, the screw fixing agent is added to prevent cables from loosening after long-trip transportation.

For this project, 4 pcs of outdoor LED display panels were packed in 1 pc plywood case. And a few drying agents were put in every case to keep away from moisture.

Outdoor LED Display Conclusions:

As mentioned at the beginning, outdoor LED display should be waterproof, high-temperature resistance, against typhoons, lightning-proof:

☛ Most clients would install the outdoor LED display directly and there is no cover at the top, this requires a high standard to be waterproof, making sure the outdoor LED display could work continually even there is heavy rain continually in many days.

☛ As the brightness is high for the outdoor LED display, the power consumption is also high accordingly. This means a short circuit would occur if the heat dissipation couldn’t be solved. Except for the PCB raw materials with good heat dissipation as noted above, an air conditioner could be also added to make it better operation and longer life span.

☛ There may be a few typhoons or strong wind during a year, which needs a good steel structure to support the outdoor LED display. During the design of the structure, it should be according to the standard to resist typhoons.

☛ As for the lightning-proof, a lightning conductor could be equipped near the outdoor LED display if it is beyond the scope of protection. Besides, all cables need to be ground wired, including the front-end devices like the machine room or power box.

The above is a brief introduction of the P8 outdoor LED display project and how to make it face outdoor severe environment. If you are interested to get the outdoor LED display price, please contact us.

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