LED wall, also called LED wall display screen, has been widely used in indoor and outdoor advertising. There are many functions of LED wall display:

☛ Make the atmosphere better, like important festivals or holidays.

☛ Show some welcome messages on it when guests visit.

☛ Popularize knowledge, for instance, show the products of companies, etc.

☛ Show messages of on-sales or employing just like a bulletin board.

☛ Attract more potential customers via merchandise advertising.

☛ Improve the store level.

LED Wall Screen Display Indoor Project:

This project was finished in 2017, installed in Slovenia.

The LED screen size is W 3 x H 2 meters. It is a 3.91mm pixel pitch type. The total screen resolution is W 768 x H 512 pixels.

The LED lamp is SMD2121, with the black LED. Each LED module is with W 64 x H 64 dots, W 250 x H 250 mm. The drive method is 1/16 scan constant current, about 900 nits brightness. The driver IC is 2038, with a 1,920Hz refresh rate.

It is composed of 8 pcs LED wall panels to make this project, with each W 750 x H 1000 mm. The cabinet is iron material. As this is installed on the wall, and there is no space at the back, the whole project design is based on front maintenance. So there are magnets at the back of LED modules to attach on cabinets and could be taken out from the front.

Each cabinet is equipped with 3 pcs Meanwell RSP-200-5 power supplies, fanless, and 2 pcs Linsn 908M32 receiving cards. It weighs about 19 kg/pc.

A video processor is added to provide different input signals for this LED wall.

4 pcs cabinets were packed in 1 pc plywood case, while spare parts were put in a small case to better protect during the long transportation.

Before the package, this LED wall was aging for at least 9 days. This is an inevitable process to make sure the LED screen could operate in a stable status after the client gets it. Here is the standard aging and testing process for an LED wall display: It should be showing in all white, red, green, blue colors in turn. At first, the LED wall needs to be showing in all white color CONTINUALLY for at least half an hour, which is to test the stability of LED lamps. Of course, static images and videos also need to be put on the LED wall to test.

For this aging process, it is based on the principle of high and low temperature exchanging could test the LED lamp soldering. If there is cold soldering on LED lamps or drive ICs, then this minor problem could occur during this aging process. And our engineers could solve it in our factory before the delivery.

All of our projects are equipped with 3% of spare parts FOR FREE CHARGE, including LED display module, power supply, control card, cables, etc. Some clients would purchase some more LED modules as part in future maintenance. This is better, especially there would be no the same batch of LED lamps even after a few months, which would cause different displaying color for the whole LED wall.

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