LED Stage Backdrop Overview:

The LED rental screen has been widely applied in LED stage backdrop and has become a necessary part of many events. There are some features of the backdrop screen for stage:

☛ Live broadcast. With this function, audiences could watch the show much easier even far away from the stage.

☛ For some exciting images, it could support slow-motion replay. This makes the LED stage background much more vivid.

☛ Realistic graphics combining with shocking music make dreaming LED stage backdrop.

☛ High resolution brings much higher definition images. For indoor LED backdrop rental, the common types used are P2.5, P3, P3.91, P4. These types are with high pixels.

☛ High refresh rate and grayscale. Generally, the refresh rate for the LED stage backdrop could reach 1,920 Hz. And with high refresh rate drive IC, it could even reach 3,840 Hz, no pressure with cellphones to take photos.

☛ High-quality power and signal connector. The connectors used are with stable quality. Clients could plug and unplug easily with these connectors.

☛ High precision thin cabinet. For an LED wall on rent, it is made with a die-casting aluminum cabinet, which is manufactured with CNC technology. The thickness is only about 8 cm. The gap allowance is less than 0.2mm, which makes sure the whole LED screen could be assembled very neatly.

☛ With all types of flight cases for transportation, it is more convenient to store and ship.

LED Stage Backdrop Project Introduction:

This is a project applied to Spain. It is a 3mm pixel pitch screen.

The LED screen size is W 4.608 x H 3.456 meters, with W 1536 x H 1152 pixels resolution. It is made up of W 24 x H 18 pcs LED display modules. The die-casting aluminum cabinet of this type is W 576 x H 576 mm, with W 192 x H 192 pixels per panel. There are W 8 x H 6 pcs cabinets for this LED stage backdrop screen. Each cabinet weighs about 8.5 kg. Only one single person could assemble or disassemble easily. The LED lamp is SMD2121 black type, which could be integrated with the stage if the LED screen doesn’t operate. Each LED panel is equipped with 1 pc Taiwan Meanwell RSP-200-5 power supply and 1 pc Novastar receiving card. The power connector adopted is the Linko brand. The brightness of this LED stage backdrop is about 1,000 nits, while the refresh rate is about 1,920 Hz.

It was aging and testing for 7 days of this LED screen before the package. The standard aging process is it shows in all white, red, green, blue colors in turn, and also with some static images and videos.

Besides, our experienced workers would check outside and inside cabinets for the last inspection before putting them into flight cases. Also, every LED panel would be testing in different colors again for the last testing in case of any problem.

Below are some photos of this LED stage backdrop in our factory:

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