LED screen rental is a kind of LED screen to be applied in stage events or other activities. As it appears as a rental, it is also called LED stage screen rental. And below are some features of LED screen rental:

Super-thin: The thickness is less than 9.5 cm generally, and some types are even with 7.5 cm thickness only or less.

Super-light: Each LED screen rental panel is about 7 kg, requiring one single person to handle only.

Fast operation: With the fast locks, it takes about 10 seconds to finish 2 LED panels assemble.

Low cost: With the above advantages, it needs low installation costs and labor costs.

Compatibility: It meets the requirements of hanging and stacking installation, outdoor and indoor use.

Indoor LED Screen Rental Project:

This is a P2.5 LED wall screen rental completed in 2017. It was shipped to Slovenia. The total LED screen size is 18.432 square meters, with a total resolution of 2,949,120 pixels

The LED encapsulation is Xindeco. For the LED display module, it is W 64 x H 64 dots, W 160 x H 160 mm. The driving method is 1/32 scan, about 1,000 nits. The driver IC adopted is ICN2038, with a 1,920Hz refresh rate.

The LED screen panel of this LED screen wall rental is W 480 x H 480 mm, 9.5 cm thickness. Each cabinet is equipped with 9 pcs LED display modules, 1 pc Meanwell RSP-200-5 power supply, and 1 pc Novastar MRV336 receiving card. It weighs about 7 kg/pc of this LED panel.

For this whole project of LED screen rental, it is composed of 80 pcs LED panels.

This LED screen rental was aging about 5 days before the package.

Regarding the package, it is plywood case packed, with 12 pcs cabinets in 1 pc case.

3% spare parts of the LED display module, power supply, control card are provided FOR FREE CHARGE. Except for this, the client also purchased 10 pcs LED modules as spare parts. As this is for rental use, most of the time this LED screen would be moved from one place to another place, and it is very easy to damage the LED lamps especially at the corner. With more spare parts at hand, it could shorten the time to wait for new LED modules and make sure the LED screen rental to earn more money continually.

For this LED screen rental, hanging bars are also equipped to hang the screen. Each hanging bar is 480mm length, iron material, weighing about 2.3 kg/pc.

A video processor is also added to this project. There are many features of the video processor, for instance, different input signals like HDMI, DVI, VGA, fade-in, and fade-out of signal, HD output, image scaling, and so on. There different brands of video processors in the market, like Kystar, Novastar, VDWall. Different brands have their own features, but almost all of them have the above-mentioned ones.

If you plan to get an LED screen rental, no matter for your own use or rent to others, please come to us to get a quote.

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