LED Screen P3 Indoor Advertising Introduction

Nowadays, the indoor LED screen has been widely used in many public places, for instance, hotels, shopping malls, meeting rooms, airports, restaurants, News studios, etc. It brings a much more vivid atmosphere to these sites.

Here we would introduce a P3 LED video wall for indoor advertising. This was installed in a hotel in Israel.

As it was installed on the wall, there is no space at the back to maintain. So for this P3 video wall, it was designed to be front maintenance. This solution is to put magnets at the back of LED display modules and attach them to LED panels. During the maintenance, a professional maintenance pneumatic tool is used to take out LED modules from the front. For this P3 indoor LED display, the total screen size is W 4.032 x H 2.304 meters, about 9.3 square meters in total. The resolution is W 1344 x H 768 pixels. The LED lamp used is a matt effect, with much better consistency and higher stability. The LED panel of this P3 LED display is W 576 x H 1152 mm, with the definition per panel W 192 x H 384 pixels. There are W 7 x H 2 pcs LED panels in total. Each LED panel is equipped with 2 pcs Meanwell UHP power supplies with CE/UL/CB standard, fanless, and 2 pcs Novastar receiving cards. This LED screen P3 video wall is controlled by WIFI.

For this LED screen P3, it was aging for about 8 days, with 10 hours per day. The aging process is to show all white, red, green, blue colors in turn. This is to make sure that the LED video wall could be aging and testing completely. Besides, photos and videos were also added during the aging, which is the normal operation of all LED screens.

Below are some photos of this LED screen P3:

Before the package, we disassembled the four pieces of LED modules at the corner in each LED panel. As this was installed on the wall and there is no space at the back, clients could only install this LED screen P3 from the front. They didn’t need to disassemble these LED display modules during the installation and could connect power and signal cables directly between LED panels, then attach these LED display modules onto the cabinets. This made the installation easier and faster.

LED screen P3 has become a top-rated type for indoor advertising these two years. As technology is more and more mature and LED screen prices are lower and lower, most clients prefer higher resolution types to get better displaying effect. P3 type is a good choice. Besides, the P2.5 type is also commonly seen now. We believe small pixel pitches like P2, P1.8, P1.5, P1.2 would become affordable and also applied widely in the following years.

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