LED Screen for Church

Nowadays, LED screens have been widely applied in many different public places. For instance, hotels, meeting rooms, airports, churches, etc. Among them, large LED screens for churches have become a popular field. Dreamway has finished many projects of the church LED wall in Nigeria, and most of them are indoor installation.

Here we would like to take an example of the LED video wall for church. There are 2 units of LED screens in total. Both of them are 5mm pixel pitch type. Each LED screen size is W 3.84 x H 2.88 meters, with W 768 x H 576 pixels total screen resolution.

The LED lamp is a matt surface black type, with a much better-displaying effect. It is an SMD2121 LED type. For this LED screen for church use, it is made with back maintenance, with simple iron cabinets without back doors. The LED screen cabinet size to compose is W 960 x H 960 mm, about 19 kg/pc. It is made of W 4 x H 3 pcs cabinets for each LED screen for church. The resolution per LED cabinet is W 192 x H 192 pixels. Each LED panel is equipped with W 3 x H 6 pcs LED display modules. And there are 3 pcs power supplies with 5V40A in each LED cabinet. The control card is Novastar, 1 pc card in 1 pc cabinet. The refresh rate is 1,920Hz.

This LED screen for church had been aging for 3 days before the package. During the aging and testing, it showed in all white, red, green, blue colors in turn. Besides, some static images and videos also showed. This is the standard aging process, making sure that some problems could occur during the aging period and we could solve before the delivery. And clients could receive the goods in perfect condition. Besides, the vibration of the LED panels is also executed. This is a good method to test some problems that occurred during production.

Except for the above strict aging and testing process, there is also a standard process before the package. After setting up the LED screen for aging, we would disassemble the LED cabinets and inspect them in every detail before packing them. For instance, cables, screws, etc. The screw fixing agent would be added on the screws in case that the cable would loosen during the long-trip transportation. For an outdoor LED screen, we would inspect the location inside the location pin, which is very possible that water or rain would sink in. Waterproof glue would be added around the location pin for every LED cabinet.

Another detail is the neatness of the cables connection. We make sure all cables inside the LED panel would be connected in good order before the package. This would be much more helpful during the maintenance. Besides, it is much more good-looking.

Here are some photos of this LED screen for church aging and testing in our factory:

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