LED Rental Screen for Stage or Conference:

These several years, rental LED screen has become more and more popular to be used in concert, press conference, exhibition, and so on. As the market of the LED screen event is growing, it makes the LED rental screen to be more mature. Now it could be made with modular size with types like 2.9 mm, 3.91 mm, 4.81 mm pixel pitch.

Here we would take an example of P3.91 outdoor and indoor LED rental screen. This project was installed in Nigeria. The screen size is standard, W 4 x H 3 meters. Besides, the resolution of the whole LED stage rental display is also normal, with W 1024 x H 768 pixels. The LED type is SMD1921, and the LED encapsulation is Kn-light. With 2038S drive IC, the refresh rate is about 1,920 Hz. The luminance of this stage background LED screen is about 4,000 nits. The LED panel is die-casting aluminum material. In addition, adjustable angle locks are added on each panel to adjust the whole LED rental screen, making it convex or concave. The angles could be made as ±2.5°, ±5°, ±7.5°, ±10°. Of course, it could be also made at 0°, which means that the screen is set up upright. The LED cabinet size is 500×500 mm, and it is composed of W 8 x H 6 pcs cabinets for this LED rental screen. Regarding the power source, it is the Meanwell brand, with 110V and 240V interchangeable. And it is certified with UL, CE and CB. For the power and signal connector, it is the CNLinko brand, with stable quality. The Novastar controller is adopted for this project. Generally, a video processor is a must for such LED rental screen projects. This is not only to improve the displaying effect of the whole LED screen, but also to get input signals like HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, etc. Also, the hanging beam is equipped for hanging the LED screen. As for the package, flight case is used for easy transportation during the events.

Below are some photos of this LED rental screen testing in our working shop:

What points do clients need to pay attention to during the operation of the LED rental screen? Here are some tips:

☛ Regarding the sequence of turning on and off the screen. If you want to operate the LED screen, please power and turn on the control PC first, then turn on the LED screen. If you want to shut down the LED screen, please turn off the LED screen first, then turn off the control PC.

☛ Please don’t show in all white, all red, all green, all blue for a long time during the operation, in case of big current to reduce the life span of the LED screen.

☛ Please inspect the LED rental screen periodically to see whether it could work properly.

☛ Please make sure the LED screen could be off for more than 2 hours per day. Besides, it should be in operation at least one time per week during rainy days.

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