There are more and more LED panel screen indoor for advertising, which could improve the level for the shop or other locations and advertise the brand for the clients.

LED Panel Screen Indoor 3mm Project:

This project was finished in 2017. There are 2 units of 3mm LED screens for studios to use in Beijing, China. Each P3 LED display screen is with a screen length of 3.072 meters, and a screen height of 2.496 meters. The P3 LED module size is W 192 x H 192 mm, with W 64 x H 64 dots. Each LED panel screen indoor is composed of 16 pcs LED modules in length, 13 pcs LED modules in height.

There are 2 different cabinet sizes for this 3mm RGB LED display, with one W 768 x H 768 mm, and the other one W 768 x H 576 mm. Each LED screen is made up of 4 pcs cabinets with the former size, and 12 pcs cabinets with the latter one. The resolution with 768x768mm cabinet size is 256×256 pixels, while it is 256×192 pixels for 768x576mm cabinet size.

For the 768x768mm cabinet size, it is equipped with 1 pc power supply and 4 pcs receiving cards, which could improve the refresh rate to 1,920Hz.

While for the cabinet with 768x576mm, it is equipped with 1 pc power supply and 2 pcs receiving cards.

This LED panel screen indoor is specially designed for easy move in the studio for live broadcasting. There is a base at the bottom with wheels, and on the top, there is cover to make this 3mm LED display with a more beautiful shape. This makes it much more stable for the whole LED panel. Screws are used to connect between the LED panel and the base.

There is also back cover for this LED panel screen indoor showing below:

The total definition of each LED panel screen indoor is W 1024 x H 832 pixels. So it needs only 1 pc sending card to support per LED screen. But as the resolution is more than 650,000 pixels, it needs 2 pcs CAT5 signal cables to support each LED screen (as we see, 1 pc CAT5 signal cable supports 650,000 pixels at most in theory).

Besides, a video processor is equipped for each unit of the LED screen. This is for easy and convenient operation for the client, except that it could get many different input signals like HDMI, DVI, VGA, etc.

LED Panel Screen Indoor Conclusion:

Nowadays, as the LED display technology is more and more mature, it is no problem to achieve many different types of irregular or creative LED displays, for instance, LED ball, flex LED display, LED curtain, LED face display, and so on. Except for advertising, it could bring more amazing effects to audiences.

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