LED Display Screen Outdoor Advertising Project

This LED display screen outdoor was finished in 2016. It was applied in Nexen Saint Nine Masters Golf Competition.

The type is PH5, SMD2727. The LED lamp adopted is Nationstar. This LED display project size is W 5.76 x H 2.88 meters, in total 16.5888 square meters. And there are 2 units of an LED screen display for this project. The total resolution of this LED advertising screen is W 1152 x H 576 pixels. Each LED screen module is W 32 x H 32 dots, with size W 160 x H 160 mm. For this LED video screen, it is composed of W 36 x H 18 pcs LED modules, 648 pcs in total. The brightness of this P5 outdoor LED display screen is 6,500 nits. The LED screen panel of this project is the aluminum waterproof cabinet with a back door, 960 x 960 mm size, about 32 KG/PC. The power supply is the Meanwell brand, with CB/CE/UL standard, -30~+70℃ work temperature. Linko power and signal connector are used for easy and convenient connections between cabinets. Besides, the Novastar brand control card is used to support this LED video display.

Here we would like to share with some photos of this LED display screen aging and testing in our factory:

LED Display Screen Outdoor Advertising Features

High brightness: For the Dreamway outdoor LED screen, the brightness with top quality LED lamps could reach more than 5,500 nits. Generally, if the screen would be facing strong direct sunlight, the brightness needs to be at least 7,000 nits.

Good waterproof effect: All of Dreamway outdoor LED display screen projects are designed with IP65 protection grade and could protect the screen from damage because of bad weather.

Seamless: This aspect is the advantage of the LED display screen, and LCD couldn’t be compared with it.

More vivid displaying effect: As a kind of advertising media, the LED screen is more attractive than traditional advertising methods like newspapers, billboards, etc.

Any-time changing contents: You could alter the contents of the LED display screen anytime, anywhere, with easy operation.

Long life span: In theory, the LED lamp could work for 100,000 hours. Considering the severe weather of outdoor, the life span could be at least 50,000 hours.

LED Display Screen Applications

Building walls: This mainly centers on the city downtown. This is a big potential market. There are many locations, for instance, a city landmark, civic building, airport, automobile shop, hotel, etc.

Sports event: Like the above project to be used for golf competition, the LED display screen has become an important item on all different sports events, including the Olympic Games and World Cup.

Stage background: In different shows or parties, you could see the LED display screen to be used as a backdrop. It has the function of live broadcasting to let the audience far away from the stage could see the show clearly.

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