An LED advertising screen could bring much more profits than clients invest and image. This is one reason why it has been widely applied in the advertising field, especially the outdoor LED advertising screen.

LED Advertising Screen Project:

This project was finished in 2019, installed in Cambodia. The LED screen size is W 8 x H 4 meters, with the total resolution W 1600 x H 800 pixels.

The LED lamp adopted for this outdoor advertising LED display screen is the Kinglight brand. It is SMD2727 type, with W 64 x H 32 dots, W 320 x H 160 mm. The brightness is about 5,200 nits.

The cabinet size of this LED screen for advertising outdoor is W 960 x H 800 mm and W 1280 x H 800 mm.

During the aging process, all white, red, green, blue colors were being tested in turns.

For this LED advertising screen, the max. power consumption is about 1,000 W/m2, and the total max. power is about 32 KW. As the temperature there is high, 2 air conditioners are also equipped to make the ventilation better. It could also make sure the life span of LED lamps and PCBs work as long as possible. From this case, we suggest that clients could equip an LED screen for outdoor advertising with air conditioners if the temperature at the local is high, reaching above 30℃ on average.

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