Giant LED Screen Outdoor Commercial Advertising

Giant LED screen for outdoor advertising has become a common sight on the street or building. It could leave a deep impression on passers-by. As a result, it could bring you more and more potential clients for future business.

Like this LED giant screen installed in Israel, it was made by Dreamway. It is an LED P6 outdoor type, with Nationstar high brightness LED lamp, about 7,000 CD/m2 by testing with a professional luminance tool. The screen size of this giant LED screen is W 6.144 x H 3.072 meters, with the total resolution W 1024 x H 512 pixels. The SMD P6 module is 32 x 32 dots, 192 x 192 mm. It is SMD2727 type, with MBI5124 drive IC, 1/8 scan constant current, stable quality. This exterior LED screen would be installed for outdoor permanent fixed installation, so it would face terrible weather most of the time. This needs the LED screen with good waterproof at least. Besides, sometimes the thunder or storm could cause damage to the screen. So it is a good idea to add a lightning arrester to protect the outdoor LED screen wall from defective. For this giant LED screen, the P6 outdoor LED panel is 768 x 768 mm, with the width 180 mm. The LED panel is made with galvanized iron material, with stainless steel location pins. This is better if the location of the giant LED screen is near the sea. Inside each LED panel, there are 2 pcs power supplies, Meanwell brand with CE/CB/UL standard. Its work temperature is -30~+70℃. And 2 pcs cooling fans are equipped in each LED panel for better heat ventilation. Besides, Linko brand power and signal connectors are also used on this LED P6 screen, which is more convenient and safer for the clients to connect cables. Novastar control card is adopted, with 1 pc receiving card per LED panel.

Before package and delivery, this P6 giant LED screen was aging for 10 days, with all WHITE, RED, GREEN, BLUE colors in the cycle. This is a good method to test and find out if there would be a minor problem like cold soldering of LED lamps or drive IC. And every LED panel would be inspected carefully outside and inside, tested one by one with all WHITE, RED, GREEN, BLUE colors before packed in the case. For the software aspect, our engineer has configured this giant LED screen during the testing here in our factory, so that our client could operate it after connecting the cables and turning on the power. If there is any problem during the operation, we could support our clients with the remote control to guide them on how to make it.

Here are some photos of this giant LED screen inspection, testing and package before delivery.

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