Fine Pitch LED Display Overview:

For a fine pitch LED display, it refers to types like P2, P1.923, P1.875, P1.667, P1.5625, P1.25, or even lower pixel pitch. These several years, small pitch LED display has been applied in public information publishing platform, traffic monitoring and dispatching, military command office, video conference system, TV station studio, etc.

Here are 5 features of fine pitch LED display:

  1. Low brightness and high grayscale.
  2. Seamless splice, with less than 0.1mm tolerance.
  3. High refresh rate reaching to 3,840Hz.
  4. Point by point correction supported, which could improve the displaying effect.
  5. Good heat dissipation with alloy material frame.

Fine Pitch LED Display Project:

For this project, it was installed in Saudi Arabia. This is a 1.923mm fine pixel pitch LED video wall. Each square meter has 270,400 pixels. The LED screen module of this type is with W 104 x H 78 dots, W 200 x H 150 mm size. The LED type is SMD1515, Kinglight brand. The LED screen size of this narrow pixel pitch LED video wall is W 3.2 x H 2.1 meters, with total resolution W 1664 x H 1092 pixels. The LED panel is W 400 x H 300 mm, with W 2 x H 2 pcs LED display modules to compose 1 pc LED panel. It is front maintenance, which could be achieved with a magnetic tool to take out LED modules from the front.

For this 1.923mm fine pitch LED display, each LED panel is equipped with 1 pc Meanwell RSP-200-5 power supply, fanless, and 1 pc Novastar MRV366 receiving card. Besides, as the total LED screen resolution exceeds 1,300,000 pixels, it needs 2 pcs Novastar MSD300 sending card or 1 pc Novastar MCTRL600 to support. And 1 pc video processor is also used to get better display effect and to achieve the HDMI input signal.

The Impact of LED Lamps to Fine Pitch LED Display:

LED lamps would affect the brightness of the fine pitch LED display: The higher the LED lamps current, the higher the LED display brightness. For good quality LED lamps, they have a better luminance conversion rate. They could emit high brightness even the current is small. This is much more energy-saving, and it is good for the stability of the fine pitch LED display.

LED lamps would affect the out-of-control rate of the fine pitch LED display: As there are hundreds of thousands of LED lamps per square meter, the visual effect would be affected if either type of LED is defective. Adopting high-quality LED lamps could lower the malfunction dot rate, below one-hundred-thousands.

In theory, the life span of LED lamps is about 100,000 hours: This is much longer than other parts of an LED display. LED lamps could be one of the most durable parts of an LED display as long as it is with stable quality, the current is not too high, good heat dissipation PCB.

LED lamps would affect the view angle of the fine pitch LED display: The horizontal and vertical view angle could reach to about 160°.

The above are only some impacts. If you are interested in knowing more, please drop us a message.

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