Concert LED Screen Overview:

For the concert LED screen, it is a section of rental LED display screen, which could be seen commonly in stage events. Generally, the concert LED screen is composed of a center main LED screen, side slim LED screens and side big LED screens. For the center main LED screen, it is for live broadcast and playback, and a high definition type LED screen is usually adopted. The bigger the center LED screen, the better, as audiences could see the wonderful live performance. For the side slim LED screens, there are 2 or 4 units at large. While the side big LED screens are added for super-big stage events, making sure audiences who sit far away from the stage could see the performance easily.

Except for the LED screen itself, it is also important to choose a suitable control system. Generally speaking, the LED concert screen is big and with high resolution, so it needs more than 1 pc sending card to cascade control. The video processor is usually needed to get different input signals, for instance, HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, etc. Besides, it could achieve multi-window, PIP (picture in picture). And the displaying effect would be much better.

Because of the particularity of concert video screens, standard modular panel size is used mostly, like W 500 x H 500 mm or W 500 x H 1000 mm. It is easy to assemble and disassemble as it is light. This decides such LED panels could be applied widely in rental or even fixed installation projects.

Applications of These Types of LED Wall Concert:

For the main center LED screen, it could be either square or rectangle shape, decided by the installation site. It requires a much higher definition type to meet the requirement, like P3 or below pixel pitch types. For the side slim LED screen, it could be with a bigger pixel pitch. Nowadays, the transparent LED screen is also adopted for such side LED screens. Last, the side big LED screen could be with the same type as that of the center LED screen.

Concert LED Screen Project:

For this project in South Korea, the center LED screen is with W 4 x H 2 meters, with W 672 x H 336 pixels. While the side slim LED screen is with W 0.5 x H 2 meters per unit, with W 84 x H 336 pixels. This is a 5.95 mm pixel pitch type, with W 500 x H 1000 mm cabinet size. It is designed with outdoor and indoor use. The LED lamp of this concert LED screen is SMD2727, Nationstar LED encapsulation. Each LED panel weighs about 14 kg. The power supply adopted is the Taiwan Meanwell HSP type, with CB/CE/UL standard. Each cabinet is equipped with 2 pcs HSP-300-5 power supplies. For the control card, it is the Novastar brand, with 1 pc receiving card in 1 pc cabinet.

Here are some photos of this concert LED screen aging in our factory:

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